We follow agile practices to make sure the product meets requirements at every development stage.

At Mad Devs, we advocate the principles of the Agile methodology. That means we develop mobile applications in iterations and place a high value on flexibility, collaboration, and communication.  

Mobile app development process organized at Mad Devs

Once the pre-development stage is successfully completed, that is, we created and approved the app’s wireframes and then its clickable prototype, we can get down to developing or coding the application. Here, the Mad Devs backend and frontend developers enter the game. Based on the platform, they choose the most suitable programming languages, libraries, frameworks, and other tools. Mad Devs applies the best agile methods and practices to make the development process smooth and efficient.   

Agile practices and their benefits

According to Agile, we build a mobile app in iterations, dividing the whole product development lifecycle into several parts or sprints. This allows us to make changes on the fly and continuously improve the product. The Agile approach implies close cooperation within the team as well as strong customer involvement in the development process. We arrange regular meetings to share updates and negotiate every step with the client and team members. Thus, we make sure everyone is on the same page, and all the processes are clear and transparent. The Agile methodology provides for better planning, faster development, and more effective risk management.

Agile practices and their benefits

Developing a backend 

The Mad Devs’ backend developers ensure the flawless operation of your app on the server-side. We build a backend to support the business logic, security, and data storage of the mobile application. Our backend solutions allow app users to communicate, get updates and notifications, process payments, and use a variety of other features depending on the app’s functionality. By selecting the right backend tech stack, we can optimize the speed, performance, and scalability of your product.

Setting up an API

Чтобы облегчить процесс разработки мобильных приложений, мы используем API (интерфейс прикладного программирования) — набор программных компонентов, обеспечивающих связь между мобильным приложением и другим программным обеспечением, приложениями и службами. API предлагает ряд преимуществ для команды разработчиков, клиентов и конечных пользователей, поскольку он может:

  • Accelerate development and time to market
  • Add more functions and features to the app
  • Cut down on the app’s development costs
  • Reduce the need to do a lot of coding
  • Optimize the performance of the app
  • Improve the experience of end-users

Создание интерфейса

We build the native app frontend using Swift and Kotlin as proprietary languages for iOS and Android respectively. That said, we can choose the required frontend language and framework according to your preferences and requirements. The Mad Devs frontend developers work in close collaboration with the team of designers to turn UI/UX designs into code. Finally, they implement the visual part of the mobile app and ensure a meaningful user experience to satisfy every need of the end-user.   

At Mad Devs, we get the best of the Agile methodology by dividing the mobile app project into sprints, making continuous changes and improvements, and deeply involving the client as well as each team member in the development process. Within our mobile app development services, we build the frontend, backend, and API for an application, providing the impeccable performance of your product on both the user’s device and the server. We permanently control the quality of the code by running tests and performing QA procedures

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