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Continuous Penetration Testing Services

What is continuous penetration testing?

Continuous penetration testing is a strategic approach to organizational security that ensures constant monitoring, vulnerabilities analysis for the systems and up-to-date and comprehensive set of methods and tools to protect your business.

Continuous penetration testing
vs. Penetration testing

Think of continuous penetration testing as the adaptive immune system of your software. Always ready to adapt and fight off new vulnerabilities. Traditional penetration testing is akin to a specialized vaccine — highly effective for known threats but needs to be updated for emerging strains.

Continuous penetration testing
Penetration testing
Frequency Ensures constant testing and monitoring, allowing for real-time vulnerability detection. Conducted annually or on request, leaving gaps in time when the system remains unmonitored.
Focus Covers more systems and explores deeper vulnerabilities, requiring more time for detection. Focuses on specific areas, constrained by time and resource limitations.
Visibility Enables your organization to respond promptly to threats through constant notifications. Provides a report after completion, which may delay threat response.
Investment return Provides ongoing monitoring, which may be more cost-effective in the long run. Requires payment for each separate test, not reflecting your system's long-term needs.
Automation Utilizes automated tools, allowing for more efficient scanning and testing of systems. Typically requires active participation from security experts and manual testing.
Adaptivity Continually adapts to the changing threat landscape and system changes, ensuring more reliable protection. May not account for newly emerging threats or changes in infrastructure.

Continuous penetration testing allows you to be confident in the security state of your systems, not only in any given aspect or time but also constantly improve the security state at all system levels throughout its lifetime.

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Mad Devs vs.
Bug Bounty platforms

Understanding the difference between opting for a Mad Devs and enlisting the services of a Bug Bounty platform will help you decide on the best fit for your cybersecurity needs.

Mad Devs services Bug Bounty platforms
Financial commitment We offer you a scalable pricing model with regular but planned assessments, which means you won't be overwhelmed by unpredictable costs. Typically best suited for larger organizations with the financial resources to handle the sporadic and potentially high costs of bounties.
Operational load Our services provide you with carefully timed and comprehensive vulnerability reports, which minimize the operational overhead for your internal teams. The high volume of reports, especially for identified vulnerabilities, could overwhelm your operational capabilities, requiring a dedicated team to sift through them.
Scope management Your security scope is clearly defined and agreed upon in advance, ensuring targeted testing that respects your system's features and limitations. Your scope might expand unpredictably as a wide range of testers probe your system, potentially leading to unexpected vulnerabilities and system stress.
Infrastructure impact Our controlled testing environment minimizes the risk of unexpected infrastructure issues, and we schedule tests outside peak operational times. Unpredictable testing volumes could inadvertently overload and destabilize your infrastructure, which is especially risky for startups and smaller organizations.
Relational depth Working closely with us enables you to understand your specific vulnerabilities
better and handle long-term security strategies.
While offering diverse perspectives on potential vulnerabilities, it may lack the consistency of a single team examining your infrastructure in-depth over time.

For startups that are already in production and undergoing rapid development but aren't yet prepared for bug-bounty platform security measures – continuous penetration testing service from Mad Devs is the optimal choice. You gain systematic vulnerability analysis synchronized with your development team, enabling timely responses to emerging security risks during rapid scaling.

Mekan Bairyev
Mekan Bairyev, Cybersecurity Lead at Mad Devs

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Your company operates a vast array of assets, and each new line of code can potentially threaten them. Get real-time tailored controls and rapid response to vulnerabilities, minimizing risks to your business.

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Benefits of continuous penetration testing

Continuous penetration testing elevates your security to a new level. It not just determines the current security level of your system and the necessary measures to enhance it but also ensures its actual state and continuous security improvement.

Continuous protection

Continuous penetration testing provides ongoing monitoring and analysis of your system. It's a continuous process that adapts to new threats and changes, ensuring quick detection and remediation of vulnerabilities.

Economic efficiency

Continuous penetration resting may require more investment but prove more economically advantageous in the long term. Constant monitoring and quick response to threats reduce overall vulnerability remediation costs and prevent costly security incidents.

Deep analysis

This approach allows for a more profound and comprehensive analysis of your system, including exploring deep vulnerabilities. It provides a complete understanding of security risks and helps create more robust protection.

Continuous penetration testing process

We carefully approach each testing stage from planning to implementation, ensure that the continuous penetration testing process is conducted safely and effectively, and consider your business needs and system specifics.

Initially, we analyze your system, identify all assets to be included in the testing and set clear testing boundaries to avoid impacting critical systems.

Defining testing objects

Minimizing risks in continuous penetration testing

Continuous penetration testing has specific features that carry risks for business operations. But with the right approach, we ensure their avoidance.

Increased load on systems

Increased load on systems

Continuous pentest may strain your systems, potentially leading to decreased performance or even failures.
We schedule testing outside peak hours, reducing the impact on performance at critical moments.

Interruption of business processes

Interruption of business processes

Aggressive testing may lead to unforeseen system failures.
We conduct testing in a secure or staging environment and set clear testing boundaries to avoid impacting critical systems.

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