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Mad Devs successfully develops transportation solutions
and automates logistics systems for a brighter future.

We develop customized transport and logistics solutions using best practices and advanced technologies.

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GoDee is a Vietnamese shuttle service. To provide better transportation options, we built a smart system from scratch that plans routes and monitors trips, and our mobile apps for drivers and passengers make transportation easier.



Namba Taxi is a taxi service in Kyrgyzstan, that connects users and drivers directly, removing the intermediary layer. Users can monitor their orders, pay online, and get the most convenient ride using the app we built.


Advantages of Mad Devs

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Legislation Compliance

We carefully study all legal provisions of each jurisdiction and develop transportation and logistics systems in full compliance with them.

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Cross-platform and native solutions

We take advantage of each platform and develop high-quality mobile, cross-platform, and cloud solutions.

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Open Source Projects

We believe in the principles of transparency and security, so we also develop open-source projects that many companies use in their transportation and logistics.

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Quality Project Management 

We take complete account of all customer requirements, monitor compliance along the entire project management, and believe their satisfaction is the primary measure of quality work done.

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Seamless Integrations

We seamlessly integrate ERP, WMS, and similar solutions to simplify management, increase control, and improve the efficiency of your transportation and logistics systems.

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Extensive Industrial Experience

We provide all of our extensive experience in transportation and logistics. You only get proven, latest, and best practices in developing effective traffic monitoring solutions, successful delivery, and taxi services.

Solutions We Provide

  • Fleet Management And Telematics

    Mad Devs provide solutions for efficient, timely and budget-friendly fleet operations. You get complete control of your fleet by collecting and analyzing data on vehicle location and condition, fuel consumption, drivers and customer behavior.

  • Transportation management

    Mad Devs make transportation more transparent and efficient. We help you receive and process data in real-time, predict transportation and logistics costs, optimize long routes and simplify regulatory inspections of shipments.

  • Asset monitoring and tracking

    Our team can provide total control of your assets for you. You get software and hardware solutions to track their location and status in real-time, authenticating them from origin to destination.

  • Routing And Mapping

    We improve the accuracy and flexibility of online routing and offline mapping. Get software solutions you can trust in any situation, whether it's turn-by-turn directions in a complex urban area or long haul transportation that takes account of heterogeneous landscape and varying weather conditions.

  • Urban mobility

    We improve urban infrastructure, making it convenient and safe for all participants. We modernize it by integrating innovative video surveillance systems, smart parking zones, intelligent urban planning, and cloud-based transportation services.

  • Traffic Management

    Mad Devs provide software and hardware solutions that make traffic transparent, efficient, and safe. It helps collect and process real-time urban traffic data, simulate traffic flows, manage traffic congestion and prevent traffic incidents.

  • Road Infrastructure

    We digitize numerous complex road infrastructure processes by implementing intelligent monitoring and inspection systems. Our solutions help simulate the operation of different road schemes for better planning and automated road infrastructure management. 

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Head of Delivery