Mad Devs’ Philosophy

Our mission, principles,
and values

Mission Automate Everything!

We believe human potential is infinite, so we have made it our mission to free it from the waste of routine manual labor.

We are creating a new automated world that's simple, safe, and progressive. We shape an environment where human potential can be used for the most fundamental discoveries and creative inventions.

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We always look for hard workers who love hard tasks and enjoy solving them.

The love of work is what we look for and appreciate most in people. Our people understand that making a big idea come true takes hard work, and they are driven.

Their essential qualities are mental and professional maturity, desire to improve personal and communication skills, technical expertise, and readiness to put effort and initiative.


At Mad Devs, there are no distinct heads and hired. We always communicate with each other as equals.

Big things are not done alone. It's always a collective effort of people united by common aspirations and playing by common rules. Otherwise, nothing really big and important can be achieved.

We give each other meaning, share experience, help solve problems, and feel that we can achieve any goals. Therefore, the knowledge, experience, and other qualities of everyone begin to play to the benefit of the whole task and its members.


One of the main things about Mad Devs is the high level of trust.

To break trust is the understanding that you're being manipulated. That's why we don't accept any manipulation.

Through trust, we can speak our minds openly, showing appreciation and respect for each other and making it the basis for the most lasting and productive relationships.

Management Inversion

Mad Devs employees hold and influence the company, not the other way around.

Each of us is an active part of the company. Because it is those, who face challenges directly that best understand their importance and how to solve them.

That's why we are constantly improving the tools to initiate, discuss and make the best decisions for everyone.


Mad Devs Enhances Process

A tool that helps us highlight problems, make suggestions and vote for changes in company processes (from design principles to office working conditions).


Mad Times

An internal monthly news digest where we share project talk, employee interviews, helpful insights, and more.


Ask Me Anything Sessions

A session where we can ask any, even the most uncomfortable, questions of our Mad Council (company founders).


1-1 Meetings

A session that allows everyone to share any thoughts or concerns they may have with the with another colleague.


Mad Talks

A public space where everyone can give a presentation on topics of interest, both offline (in front of an audience) and online (streaming on YouTube).



Mad Devs are the people who make technology work and bring value to others.

Human potential is infinite. It's a powerful driver of growth and achievement. That's why we support its highest unlocking through communication, learning, practice, and increasing the complexity of tasks.

Thanks to this, we automate the world more and more, save time and money for people, and improve the quality and standard of their lives.


Everyone at Mad Devs owns everything they relate to.

Ownership for us means doing like for ourselves, taking responsibility and striving for quality results, correcting mistakes, sharing success and failure, associating ourselves with it, and being proud of what we do. This is how we feel about every internal, open source, or commercial project.

That's why clients and partners first appreciate us and still work with us for many years. Other people's problems, tasks, and goals become ours. And we treat every project as our own.


Courage is the driver of all other Mad Devs values, enabling them to become a reality.

We are willing to discover and lead, take the initiative, and perform tasks that seem impossible. It allows us to overcome ourselves to become better leaders and make the world a better place.

However, by taking risks, we take responsibility. That's why we always take calculated and reasonable risks, which we can cover with an excellent team of professionals and years of development experience.


Continuous growth and development are the basis of evolution.

We believe that by teaching others, we learn ourselves, so we share the results of our growth with each other and with the whole world.

We study new technologies, use automation, and apply our knowledge and experience to grow and develop our client's businesses because their success is our success, and their growth is our growth, too.


Fun is the strongest antidote to any corporate vibes.

Before founding Mad Devs, we had a lot of corporate experience, which drove us to apply our experience in a whole new way. We didn't want the market to define us, but we wanted to define the market and our place in it. So we decided to do something global, progressive, and defining for many people.

We created Mad Devs with the idea of "why not, that would be fun!" Over time, our values became more and more solid, our principles more and more fundamental, and our mission more and more global. But fun stays with us in the name, logo, and endless memes. The fun doesn't let us get bored and keeps us in a positive mood.

We break boundaries, try new things, and achieve great results because we continue to find our work enjoyable and positive!

So, let's have some fun! 🤘