Project Discovery Services

Project Discovery Services

We provide a comprehensive assessment of the scope, requirements, and feasibility of your software development project, before the initiation phase, team recruitment, and investment raising.

What is project discovery?

If you are considering developing a new product or feature or looking to improve your existing products or services, we provide you with instructions on how to reduce the risks, increase efficiency, and improve the quality of your products or services.

Cost and time savings

Due to the well-defined scope and clear goals, time and cost estimates are more accurate.

Return on investment

The product is better tailored to the end user's needs, which leads to a higher return on investment.

Reduced risk

You can eliminate the need for additional modifications, avoiding costly reworks and saving time and resources.

Discover and unleash your project's potential

Our project management discovery phase is designed to benefit companies across various industries and sectors. Our services can help both startups and enterprises gain a comprehensive understanding of your project's scope, objectives, and potential challenges.

Without project discovery, you may encounter several challenges related to project scope and goal clarity, such as confusion and misalignment among team members, difficulty in identifying potential risks, and inadequate planning.

We provide you with:

  • Startups Expertise in conducting thorough market research and analysis during project discovery.
  • Startups Experienced professionals who can facilitate workshops and interviews. 
  • Startups List of artifacts and documents that you can use in the future.

Trusted by hundreds of customers worldwide

Our NDAs and confidentiality requirements prevent us from disclosing details to all of our customers. Here are a few of the companies we work with.

What our
customers say

We continuously stay updated with industry trends in development, prioritizing strategies that offer the utmost advantages to our customers.

"This project was interesting to Mad Devs, not only because we could provide proper expertise in blockchain. But also to build processes that initially improve development and increase the final product quality."

"Their gentle approach helped us develop a more positive attitude toward development. Even though there were disagreements. But I am very happy that it has happened."

Get started with Mad Devs

Validate your idea and save costs by incorporating a discovery stage at the start of your project.

Do your development operations need a level-up?

Our process for
starting your project

During the discovery stage, our team conducts sessions to thoroughly explore your business idea and the problems users face. The complexity of a project determines the number of sessions. Here's what we do during and after the project discovery sessions:

risk icon

Minimize risks through research and analysis.


Bring the clarity for better decision-making.


Craft project strategy with research insights.


Validate and improve project concepts through testing.


Fuel project differentiation through user needs and market trends.


Create a software development team.


Estimate the preliminary budget for the project.


Gain the ability to test hypotheses.


Define the suitable technology stack.

Discovery phase project management

Our tech expertise supports the efficient discovery phase of a project. Embracing agility, we deliver tailored solutions meeting unique customer needs.

The project journey starts with a thorough understanding of its foundational components and vital aspects, such as identifying opportunities, specific customer needs, and critical project challenges. We define the project's scope, objectives, and anticipated deliverables, establishing a resilient framework that guides us toward achieving desired outcomes.

This comprehensive strategy ensures project clarity and paves the way for a well-defined roadmap to success.

Project scoping

Meet our expert team

With our specialists' expertise and experience, you will be guided through the initial phase, ensuring that all necessary information is gathered and analyzed to set you up for success.

A better understanding
of your project

You can rest assured that our efforts are driven to help you succeed in a project. Our collaborations are open, honest and encourage greater partnership and trust.

Commitment to deadline

Commitment to deadline

We manage tasks, set deadlines, and ensure timely completion. This includes maintaining momentum, facilitating planning and decision-making, and achieving project goals.

Rapid project start

Rapid project start

We promptly gather information, define project goals, requirements, and establish a clear roadmap. This accelerates development, saves time, and ensures timely project delivery.  

Commitment to quality

Commitment to quality

We conduct thorough research, gather user insights, and set quality standards. It leads to improved customer satisfaction, enhanced project performance, and reduced rework or issues in the later stages of the project.

Profound cooperation

Profound cooperation

We collaborate with customers for active engagement, effective communication, and shared project goals, fostering innovation and holistic problem-solving for success.

Case studies

Explore our case studies to discover how we have helped various companies achieve their goals. These success stories highlight our expertise, methodology, and effectiveness in project research, making us the perfect partner for your project.