Mad Devs Sustainability Policy

We encourage the best practices in sustainability

Mad Devs takes full responsibility for the projects we have been involved in. It includes not only the quality of a product but also the responsibility toward the environment and people. Therefore, the environmental and social sustainability compliances form a crucial component of our business strategy. We are committed to comply with legal regulations and official requirements and encourage the best sustainability practices. We understand sustainability as a path to continuous improvement of our processes and services for the purposes of environmental protection, the provision of occupational health, and meeting safety requirements.

Our Primary Areas of Sustainable Enterprise

We build our sustainability efforts around three primary areas: social, economic, and ecological sustainability.

Social Sustainability

We base our relationships with clients and employees on transparency and trust. We divide Social Sustainability into the following four spheres.

Employee Responsibility

Our employees work to provide quality products in full compliance with the applicable local and international sustainability requirements to guarantee their long service life and minimal impact on the environment.

We aim at creating sustainable teamwork where our employees have an opportunity to use the energy resources wisely. Our main employee responsibility is in attracting employees with the right competencies who share the company values and can contribute to the achievement of team objectives.

Our managers are the main company’s culture bearers. They create the understanding of and the connection between our employees and the company’s values. They enable the employees to develop in a way to generate value for every project we work on.

At Mad Devs, we create an environment to promote diversity and equality and eradicate any signs of discrimination of any kind, to promote good health and growth for every employee.

Customer Responsibility

The products we create are critical to our customers’ businesses. Therefore, our main responsibility is to ensure the products’ accessibility and their compliance with all the value regulations and laws. Mad Devs has extensive experience in developing projects for many business verticals. Combined with the application of proven technologies and knowledge of customer operations, this experience allows us to create all the required prerequisites for long-term sustainable product development.

Financial Sustainability

Mad Devs has created a financially sustainable business model that provides all the required prerequisites for a long-term approach. One of our fundamental values is to create products that serve their purpose and comply with the business and legal requirements. Our products deliver quality to both customers and users, which provides us with a predictable cash flow.

Environmental Sustainability

Our products digitalize the customers’ processes. We create conditions that enable enhancing resource efficiency and reducing the impact on the environment. We use electronic means to distribute documentation and software and to reduce the consumption of material resources. The application of online communication tools allows us to limit the number of road and air miles we create.

All our efforts to minimize the environmental impact are integrated in our daily operations. These efforts are expressed in a continuous improvement of such key metrics as power consumption and water consumption by every employee.

Responsibility and Compliance

These principles and guidelines form the framework for strategic planning of the company and apply to all colleagues, subsidiaries, and the central offices of the company.

We assess and review our processes continuously to ensure their compliance with environmental, resource efficiency, and occupational health and safety requirements.

We encourage and promote environmental awareness among our employees by constant training and providing relevant information upon request. We promote environmentally-conscious programs, encourage our employees’ contribution, and support their initiatives on the improvements in these areas.