Digest #17: September 2023

Stay ahead in the cyber arms race - investigate the top challenges and best practices for safeguarding cybersecurity in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

September recap: top cybersecurity articles from our blog

Red Team vs Blue Team in Cybersecurity

Red Team vs. Blue Team in Cybersecurity

This article sets a showdown between two elite squads of cybersecurity professionals — red and blue teams. Get ready for an immersive experience that mirrors the intensity of cybersecurity warfare.

The red team employs real-world adversary tradecraft to test the environment's resilience, while the blue team, composed of adept incident responders, operates within the security unit. They aim to identify, assess, and respond swiftly to any intrusion. 

Uncover the fundamental principles of red and blue teams, explore how they work together, and what they bring to organizational cybersecurity.

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Big Data Security Best Practices

Big Data Security Best Practices

As data volumes grow in the ever-evolving technological landscape, big data is becoming a pivotal asset for many organizations. However, with the vast potential of big data come various security challenges that require diligent attention and strategic solutions.

Delve into big data security and explore the best practices and analytics methods for organizations to fortify their data and detect potential threats and malicious activities. Discover how big data security works and what are some of the challenges down this road.

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HackTheBox: hacking training write-ups

HTB Keeper

[HackTheBox Write-Up: Keeper] - [Easy]

Keeper HTB walkthrough: learn more about the interconnectedness of vulnerabilities and how, at times, lateral thinking is just as critical as technical know-how.

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HTB Gofer

[HackTheBox Write-Up: Gofer] - [Hard]

Gofer machine on HackTheBox: discover the versatile skill set in penetration testing, from leveraging an email for initial access to exploiting a custom binary.

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HTB Intensions

[HackTheBox Write-Up: Intentions] - [Hard]

Hack The Box Intentions Write-Up [Hard]: find out more about how we broke down the Hack The Box Intentions Lab challenge.

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Unleash your cyber resilience with continuous penetration testing

Continuous Pen Testing

Bug Bounty platforms are typically best suited for organizations with large financial resources to handle the sporadic and potentially high costs of bounties.

But what about startups that are already in production or undergoing rapid development but not yet ready to adopt bug-bounty platform security measures?

Continuous penetration testing service from Mad Devs is the optimal choice. You gain systematic vulnerability analysis synchronized with your development team, enabling timely responses to emerging security risks during rapid scaling. Learn more about the difference between opting for a Mad Devs and enlisting the services of a Bug Bounty platform.


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CrowdStrike Global Threat Report

From relentless adversaries to resilient businesses. CrowdStrike’s 2023 Global Threat Report uncovers notable themes, trends, and events across the cyber threat landscape.

Top Priorities for Security and Risk Management

To help you prioritize your time and energy, Gartner has created the Gartner Leadership Vision to provide top-level targeted guidance based on their data-driven research.