Digest #18: October 2023

The key to company resilience: transparency and trust with stakeholders. Discover how they drive innovation and enhance customer loyalty in the October recap.

October picks: Best sustainable business practices


In the tech world, trust is the ultimate currency. Building and maintaining transparency and trust with stakeholders is an ongoing process that is critical for the success and sustainability of companies. 

Your employees, customers, and partners are the core of your company's achievements. Find out how building trust with these stakeholders is a game-changer in our insightful ebook.

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How to Ensure Transparency in Hybrid Teams

How to Ensure Transparency in Hybrid Teams

The modern workplace is transforming before our eyes, with hybrid teams taking center stage. These teams, comprising on-site and remote workers, offer immense potential for organizations, but also present unique challenges. To navigate this new terrain successfully, transparency is key.

In this article, we delve into the strategies that can help you cultivate a culture of transparency in your hybrid team, ensuring that all members, whether they work from the office or from home, are on the same page and contributing their best.

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Organizational Resilience in BANI World

Organizational Resilience in BANI World

Sustainability has evolved beyond a mere buzzword; it's now synonymous with an organization's ability to endure, adapt, and prosper. At its core, this resilience is the key to unlocking a company's potential for long-term success. This article is your gateway to understanding and improving sustainability within your organization. 

We will uncover the multifaceted dimensions of organizational resilience for 2024 and provide you with a comprehensive roadmap for achieving it.

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Streamlining tech team recruitment with a Build-Operate-Transfer model


Recruiting top talent for your tech team is no small task, and the complexity and duration of the process can often be a significant challenge for businesses without HR. From sourcing and screening candidates to onboarding and managing HR processes, the recruitment journey can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive endeavor.

In such a scenario, a solution that simplifies the entire process and offers an efficient way to manage HR functions is highly sought after. Enter the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model, our company's new approach that can improve your tech team recruitment.


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