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How to build transparent relationships with stakeholders?


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What is the difference between internal and external stakeholders?

Discover how to distinguish internal and external stakeholders with examples from various industries.

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Who are the most important stakeholders?

Find out how to identify the most important stakeholders and construct a matrix of the influence for your business growth and success.

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How to build relationships with stakeholders?

Discover the strategies to analyze, prioritize, and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships in a complex global landscape.

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Which engagement model to choose?

Benefit from 12 engagement models that analyze the degree of quality for each type of stakeholder and help foster trust and loyalty.

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How to communicate with stakeholders?

Read about the 3 pillars of effective communication and get practical insight from our team.

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How to act in times of crisis?

Learn practical tips on how to engage with stakeholders in crisis and where to direct your attention to keep the business afloat.

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