We perform infrastructure technical audit for perfect optimization.

Technical auditing and assessment services help insulate your business from the risk associated with choosing suppliers. 

IT Audit

The content, scope, and duration of the audit depend on the size of the application and on what actions are planned in the future: further development, application extension, alteration, identification, and correction of bugs.

When do you need a technical audit?

  • If you transfer to a new phase of product development, and you want to check how effectively the previous phases have been implemented.
  • If you don’t have testers in the development team.
  • If you have a new team is working on the project.

Benefits of technical audit:

  • The use of server resources is optimized: you pay only for those functions that you really use (and this can lead to tangible savings);
  • The stability of the system is increased: the application functions smoothly 24/7;
  • The system is ready for increased loads if they are planned. You can safely increase the pace of your business development.

We at Mad Devs perform infrastructure technical audit in the following stages:

Initial study

We conduct meetings with your specialists to understand the business requirements and your expectations.

Scope definition

We work closely with your IT department and users to determine the issues and pain points.

System benchmarking

We conduct system benchmarking to audit the system performance and test the system’s compliance with user requirements and needs.

Audit framework

In collaboration with your team, we develop an audit framework based on your business requirements and your expectations.

Audit of systems and applications

We conduct a detailed audit to determine and assess gaps in the system performance.


We provide a detailed report on auditing and its findings. The report also includes the analysis of issues and recommendations on the system fixes.

Rollout recommendations

We help your team to execute the recommendations developed during the auditing process and specified in the audit report.

All of these stages help us to identify the most cost-effective method of choosing a cloud computing service for your business.

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Marat Bediev

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