We provide IT consulting and auditing services to maximize your business potential.

Mad Devs helps businesses seamlessly integrate modern technologies into their products, services, or processes thus optimizing their performance, reducing operational costs, and increasing profitability.

How Mad Devs improves business efficiency through consulting services

Staying on top of the recent technology trends, we leverage our expertise to take your business to the next level. Mad Devs assists clients in maintaining data integrity, ensuring legal and regulatory compliance, and enhancing the efficiency of business operations by offering consultancy on fast and cost-effective IT environment optimization. Our main directions comprise:

IT assessment

IT assessment is the process of evaluating a company’s tech environment, which aims to find out whether technology serves the business well. During this process, we perform a thorough investigation of your IT systems, looking deeper into the following aspects:

  • infrastructure
  • architecture
  • networks
  • processes
  • staff technical skills
  • documentation

The main objective of the Mad Devs’ IT assessment procedure is to determine what your company has and what needs to be improved to boost your business potential. We begin by defining the scope, goals, and expected outcomes of the assessment. Then, we proceed directly to the evaluation, and after reviewing every aspect of the IT environment, we come up with a list of findings and recommendations for improving the performance of your tech systems. With an effective IT assessment provided by the Mad Devs team, you can:

  • strengthen your weaknesses
  • mitigate any potential risks
  • increase business efficiency
  • optimize costs
  • grow your revenue

IT strategic planning

IT strategic planning is the process of building a roadmap to achieving business objectives by deriving value from the company’s IT environment. We help our clients use IT as the driving force behind their business success. To map out an IT strategic plan for your company, we take the following steps:

1. Analyze your existing business strategy - we carry out an in-depth analysis of your business objectives and how you meet them.
2. Explore your tech capability - we look at your current IT systems and environment and estimate their effectiveness.
3. Specify areas of improvement - we identify gaps and blind spots and see what can be done to eliminate them.
4. Determine an IT strategy - we consider your budget, resources, and business needs to choose the optimal strategy for your company. 
5. Work out a strategic plan - we prepare a detailed action plan to realize the determined strategy.

Effective IT strategic planning can significantly improve the performance of your business. By making the best use of high technology integrated with your company’s processes, you can get the upper hand on the competition, reduce costs, and increase profits.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

Business continuity and disaster recovery embrace a set of measures and procedures that a company needs to take to quickly restore and continue operating when an emergency or disaster occurs. Business disruption can cause serious damage to both the business owners and the customers. That’s why it’s extremely important to have a solid plan that can help you prepare for any emergency in advance, respond to it promptly and effectively, and minimize its negative effects. Mad Devs develops a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan for your business to prevent a single human error, a cyberattack, or a natural disaster from bringing your operations to a standstill. In the plan preparation process, we pass through 4 main stages:

1. Performing business analysis - we collect requirements and analyze your business, defining its critical areas. 
2. Assessing risks - we highlight any potential risks, threats, and disasters that can disrupt your business operations.
3. Preparing a plan - we draw up a business continuity and disaster recovery plan based on your business risks. 
4. Testing the plan - we make sure the plan works fine, and your business can efficiently recover in case of disruptions. 

Governance, risk, and compliance

Governance, risk, and compliance or GRC combines a range of practices enabling a company to achieve its business goals, manage risks, and comply with all relevant regulations. We aid your business in achieving its goals through coordinated and well-planned strategies around enterprise risk management, corporate governance, and compliance with any regulatory and legal requirements. Mad Devs creates a more mature framework and integrated approach to support your business goals in a meaningful way. By implementing GRC practices, we bring the following benefits to your business:

  • streamlined workflows
  • process consistency
  • improved business performance
  • increased transparency
  • cost reduction

IT consulting and audit services delivered by Mad Devs allow you to leverage your IT environment and unlock your full business potential. Within the services, we assess tech systems, map out IT strategies, build business continuity and disaster recovery plans, and implement governance, risk, and compliance solutions. By doing this, we help you manage risks, optimize business efficiency, and improve profitability.

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