We maximize the potential of your business by providing IT consulting and auditing services.

We help our clients to maintain data integrity, ensure legal and regulatory compliance and enhance the efficiency of business operations by offering consultancy on fast and cost-effective IT environment optimization. Our main directions are:


IT assessment

We perform a thorough review of your company’s technology systems and environment such as networks and system performance, software audit, concept testing and development, or whatever is required. It is done to determine what your company has and how it can be improved in a way to make the solution meet business goals and requirements and boost business efficiency.


IT strategy & planning

We determine the comprehensive technology-enabled business management processes and organization application ways to guide operations and create a detailed strategic plan. It serves as a guide to IT-related decision-making with IT tasks prioritized.


Business continuity and disaster recovery

The modern business landscape has zero tolerance for downtime. We develop a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery response plan for your business to prevent a single human error, a cyberattack, or a natural disaster from bringing your operations to a standstill.


Governance, risk, and compliance

We aid your business to achieve its goals through coordinated and well-planned strategies around enterprise risk management, corporate governance, and compliance with any regulatory and legal requirements. We create a more mature framework and integrated approach to support your business goals in a meaningful way.

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Anatoliy Fedorenko

Anatoliy Fedorenko

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