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Our Best QA Practices

  • We have made QA an ongoing activity

    We integrate QA processes into the development cycle. The QA workloads are distributed throughout a sprint to enable teams to identify issues during the development cycle rather than at the end of it. This approach enables our team to resolve issues immediately and ensure better product quality.

  • We have adapted standard testing procedures to the agile environment

    In Agile, the share of exploratory testing compared to test cases increases. Along with test cases, we use checklists (high-level lists of items to be checked and criteria to be met) to ensure products comply with requirements.

  • We have optimized regression testing

    In Agile, full regression testing becomes time-consuming. However, the number of regression tests increases. To optimize regression testing, we combine partial and full regression testing by prioritizing testing activities based on the defects’ risk levels.

  • We have increased the share of test automation

    Testing is done in parallel to development. Therefore, automation becomes critical. This is why we write unit and integration tests and automate test cases that do not change much with each iteration to reduce testing time and increase the software testing quality.

Tech Stack We Love to Use

Appium Appium
Cucumber Cucumber
Selenium Grid Selenium Grid
Selenium Selenium
Selenoid Selenoid
PyTest PyTest
Jasmine Jasmine

Types of Tests We Perform

  • Unit tests

    Unit tests are written by developers to ensure that each software component (unit) is tested and functions as expected.

  • UI tests

    Our developers write and perform UI tests during the entire software development cycle to ensure every software component that the user will come in contact with works properly.

  • Functional tests

    We perform functional tests to ensure the software’s full compliance with functional requirements.

  • Regression tests

    We write regression tests to ensure that all functionalities of a solution work properly after changing code, fixing bugs, implementing new features and making other modifications.

  • Acceptance tests

    We perform acceptance tests to check how the product can handle real-life scenarios.

Benefits of QA with Mad Devs

  • Established in-house standards

    We provide QA services according to guidelines and project documentation based on best practices and standards. We work to prevent defects and provide timely delivery and top-quality solutions.

  • Automation and agility

    We employ automated QA to ensure the fast delivery of your product without losing in quality. We choose the test types depending on your software architecture, tech stack and other factors. Our DevOps engineers and QA testers work side by side to enable continuous agile delivery.

  • Testing with business continuity in mind

    Our specialists understand business processes in the domains in which we work. For you, it means that they will not merely test how the software works but ensure its provision for business continuity.

  • Transparent and comprehensive reporting

    To ensure transparency of the testing process and complete and systematic test coverage, we create and provide you with comprehensive documentation that is compliant with applicable standards.

  • Customer involvement

    Collaboration with our customers is one of our team’s main priorities. If we understand you and your requirements better, we will be able to deliver a product that is compliant with your requirements. Therefore, we involve you in all processes while working on your product.

  • Cross-disciplinary teams

    In Agile, QA is involved throughout the entire development process. Testers are part of the team. They work with developers and DevOps to ensure bugs are found and eliminated ASAP and to deliver a top-quality product faster.

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