We use boilerplates and alerting tools to ensure a fast product launch.

Every client wants to bring their product to market faster. Mad Devs employs all means to expedite the development process and guarantee on-time product release.

How to speed up product development

There are different tools and techniques that frontend developers can use to achieve more effortless development and a quicker product launch. Thus, experienced teams can utilize templates, subtasks, and tools for time tracking and error monitoring. Here’s what we have at hand.


A boilerplate is a code template that can be reused in different projects. For example, in web development, boilerplates are common patterns or elements, which are typical of all web pages.


Why we use boilerplates

Boilerplates save plenty of time as they streamline the development process. We apply highly scalable ready-made boilerplates, such as VUE and React, to facilitate a product launch and deliver customized projects within the shortest deadline and without sacrificing the code quality.


Subtasking is a project management approach that allows development teams to handle tasks effectively by breaking them into smaller pieces.


Why we use subtasks

Complex tasks can be hard to manage, so we divide them into several subtasks and thus can organize the work better and complete the project faster. With subtasking, we can prioritize tasks and distribute resources properly. We can also get immediate feedback to ensure that we are moving in the right direction. 

Logging and alerting

Logging is a project management technique that helps to keep a record of a project’s history. And alerting enables developers to keep up with the latest events.


Why we use logging and alerting tools

Logging tools give us a full picture of the project, including every step of the development process and time spent on it. Alerting solutions notify the Mad Devs team about incidents and errors in real-time, allowing us to fix them immediately. We customize alerting tools to receive notifications via the most suitable communication channels.

Continuous testing

Continuous testing is a practice intended to test software automatically and consistently throughout the entire development process.


Why we perform testing continuously

Our frontend team carries out regular testing procedures to prevent any potential problems, get continuous feedback, and ensure flawless product delivery. At every development stage, we aim for 100% test coverage to minimize the number of bugs and eliminate code defects.

Mad Devs uses all possible ways to reduce time to market and deliver your product on schedule. To achieve this, we apply boilerplates, leverage logging and alerting tools, and place much emphasis on QA and testing

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