We create UI/UX design solutions for a superb user experience without losing functionality.

We follow well-established in-house practices and design rules to make great UI/UX solutions for our customers. Here, we’ll tell you about the key principles of the Mad Devs designers’ team.

What makes great UI/UX design and why is it important?

On the one hand, there can be different opinions on what a great UI or UX design should look like. But on the other, there are still some undeniable truths that help designers create enjoyable user experiences.


Why does UI/UX design matter?

Whether or not customers will use your product again depends on the experience they get when interacting with it for the first time. Once all their expectations are met, people will most likely turn into regular customers. 

UI/UX design is what can either attract or repel users. Strong and user-friendly product designs can bring a lot of benefits to businesses. Here are the major ones:

✔ UI/UX design can help you win customers’ attention.

Great designs can not only catch customers’ eyes but also hold their attention as long as possible. That means users spend more time interacting with the product. Thus, UI/UX design helps win customers’ attention and beat the competition.


✔ UI/UX design can increase customer loyalty and retention. 

Customers tend to be loyal to products that fully satisfy their wants and needs. By creating great user experiences for your customers, you can keep them happy, improve their loyalty and thus increase retention rates. 

✔ UI/UX design can boost
conversions, sales, and ROI.

Positive user experience encourages customers to take actions such as using services or buying products. So, convenient and effective product design can improve your customer conversion rate, generating more leads and sales. As a result, you grow your revenue and ROI.


Key principles we use to create great UI/UX designs 

Mad Devs follows a set of principles that help us create memorable and meaningful designs for our customers’ solutions. 

Simplicity and functionality

Your solution might be complex but its design should be simple. We put your requirements, market demands, and user expectations into order to create a UI/UX design that “talks” to your users without sacrificing its functionality.


Intuitivity and easy navigation

Mad Devs aims to make your UI/UX design understandable, eliminating any potential roadblocks in the user journey. We offer pleasing and efficient user experiences by implementing an easy and predictable navigation.

Close collaboration with

When creating UI/UX solutions, we cooperate closely with developers. We align our design ideas with the development team and make sure they are feasible in time and budget terms. Wearing a developer’s hat helps us create seamless products.


Careful choice of a tech stack

Whether you need to build a project from scratch or you request us to update an existing interface, we ensure that all your project objectives are met. Mad Devs selects the most suitable technical stack to guarantee project success.

UI/UX design plays an important role in growing your business as it can significantly improve customer loyalty, conversion, and retention. By choosing the right tech stack and working closely with the developers’ team, Mad Devs creates simple, functional, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate design solutions. 

We start our web design process with the discovery phase and then go through several stages before handing the design over to developers.  

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Intuitive design for a
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