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Mad Devs is a team of top-level professionals who can successfully deliver projects of different sizes and complexity. Find out what services we provide and how we do it.

Mad Devs’ services and approaches to project development 

Mad Devs offers full-cycle software development services based on your needs and market requirements. We use our expertise to create high-quality products for either small businesses or large companies, helping them stand out in their industry. The key areas of Mad Devs’ activities embrace:

The Mad Devs frontend developers write clear and robust code to create the visual part of a software solution, such as a web or mobile application. By breathing life into UI/UX designs, we build delightful user experiences that make your consumers happy and keep them loyal to your brand. When building a frontend, we select the most suitable technologies, frameworks, and architecture to make sure your solution has a high level of scalability, maintainability, and security.  

We think through every element of your backend, such as the server, logic, API, database, and other components, to optimize the performance of your application and ensure the synergy between the frontend and backend parts. By approaching each project individually, we choose an appropriate backend infrastructure to build, deploy, and manage your solution. We consider the project’s purpose, complexity, timeline, and budget when selecting a backend tech stack, framework, and architecture. 

We use the best QA practices to deliver first-rate software products that fully meet the required tech standards and satisfy the user requirements. Our QA engineers take an active part in the software development process from start to finish to make certain the code we write is clear and bug-free. During our QA procedures, we cover all aspects of the system, including its reliability, performance efficiency, security, and maintainability. 

We apply the DevOps approach to optimize the software development life cycle and reduce time-to-market without compromising the quality of the final product. Within our DevOps implementation process, we analyze your existing IT infrastructure, identify problems, find the most suitable solution, and estimate the cost of its implementation. Finally, we implement the solution, supporting it continuously afterwards. 

At Mad Devs, we build iOS, Android, and cross-platform applications catering to every business need. To ensure the maximum usability of your future mobile solution, we go through a substantial preparation process, during which we build a product roadmap, create user personas, determine app performance metrics, and work out a detailed user journey map. After the product’s release, we provide mobile app support and maintenance services.

Mad Devs creates intuitive UI/UX designs to largely improve the way users interact with your product. We pay careful attention to every element of the user interface, making it nice, simple, and functional. By creating positive user experiences, we help you gain a competitive advantage, increase customer loyalty, and accelerate revenue growth. We make our designs adaptive to ensure the UX is smooth and efficient across different devices. 

We engineer every solution based on particular business needs. For every client, we choose a specific approach and a set of technologies depending on: 

  • Project size and type. Our approach and tech stack vary depending on the project’s size, industry, scale, and many other aspects. We choose thoroughly every tool to work with and a way of collaboration to deliver a top-quality product.
  • Development pace and cost. Some projects must be delivered within a fixed deadline and a strictly limited budget, while the others have a flexible timeline and their budget can be extended if it’s absolutely necessary. We will suggest the best solutions without sacrificing product quality.
  • Project flexibility and scalability. We check whether there is room for project scope to change in the future. We discuss with you the possibility of the future upscaling or downscaling of the solution in response to changes in application and system processing demands.
  • Technical requirements. Augmented staff motivation, training, and additional vacation and sick leave expenses are the sole responsibility of Mad Devs.
  • Support costs. Any solution requires refinements to meet new challenges, updates, and implementation of new functionality. We choose the way to perform any support and maintenance works as well as the stack depending on your solution’s complexity and budget.

    With Mad Devs, you get future-proof solutions that will serve you for a lifetime. The feature-packed software we develop can fulfill all needs of your users and expedite your business growth. Our team provides a full range of services that include the development of frontend and backend solutions, QA, DevOps, mobile app development, and UI/UX design.

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