Remote Tech Staff


Tired of 20 or 30 people not delivering you any features?


How about only dealing with smart heads and capable hands? Enjoy our proactive rockets who will ask you to get them more work.


Seeing one, two, five guys working on a minor thing? Ha!


We are NOT going to bring you more people than you actually need. We'll just send one or two of our rangers to your frontier, and you'll enjoy peace of mind about IT.



Your MVP doesn't work as expected after launch?

Let our positively mad team rescue you and create sensible server logic for your project.

We'll cure your growth pains like good doctors – just tell us about them and focus on your business.

At Mad Devs we know everything about:

Python Python
Golang Go
JavaScript JavaScript
Node.js Node.js
Ruby Ruby


Your users get lost in lousy interfaces?

Our wizards will take your UX magic to the next level where everything is intuitive and user-friendly. Mad Devs strive to get involved with well-polished projects that will live a long life.

We work with the best present-day frontend stack:

react-js React
babel Babel
vue-js Vue.js
webpack Webpack

Mobi phone-title-symbol e

Your app is slow and unable to survive a demo?

We understand that your success is our reputation, so we want your apps to be awesome. Our team will deliver an app that you'll be ecstatic to use yourself.

We do both iOS and Android development using the following languages and frameworks:

Kotlin Kotlin
Java Java
Objective-C Objective-C
Swift Swift


What makes us stand out from others?

Optimising teams don’t care for tomorrow’s traffic peaks? We care!

We don't just have experience with infrastructure management tools, our team helped develop some of them. We know where to get the cheapest price and the best service.

Up to 50% savings on infrastructure

Pay-as-you-go receipts from your cloud providers make you curse them?

Our fire brigade can help you optimise resource consumption like we've done for 75% of our customers. We’ll reconfigure and disable every option or service that is not necessary.

IT Consulting

Technology Stack

Tired of the slow and hard-to-maintain technology that your previous team used?

We’ll help you resolve this with minimal changes using proper optimisations, updates and code refactoring.

Process Audit

Have to constantly deal with extended deadlines and mess-ups?

Your process probably just lacks transparency and reasonable control. We know how to avoid this and check who does what right now.

Team Headcount

Is your team too big or too small and therefore causing trouble?

Hire good people and get rid of underperformers. Easier said than done, right? Get assessments for the skills and seniority level of your staff. Our positively mad engineers and PMs know how to do this.