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Oleg Puzanov.

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Oleg Puzanov is a highly experienced serial entrepreneur in the tech industry with a remarkable career spanning over 20 years. His exceptional skills in strategic development and team building have been pivotal in founding and leading successful companies.

As a co-founder of Namba, Namba Taxi, and Namba Food, Oleg played a vital role in establishing these technology-driven ventures. These companies have emerged as prominent players in their respective industries, offering innovative solutions and services. Oleg also co-founded Peklo Studio, Citylab Production Studio, and Silk Road Explore, where he provided valuable business advisory services, contributing to their growth and competitiveness. Furthermore, as the co-founder and CTO of GoDee, Oleg made significant contributions to the development of the company's robust and scalable technology platform.

Since 2016, Oleg has held the position of co-founder and CSO at Mad Devs. In this role, he has contributed to the strategic development of the company and played a crucial role in growing and development of Mad Devs as a leading tech company.

Oleg's strengths lie in his strategic mindset, enabling him to envision and execute successful business development strategies. He excels in validating hypotheses and making data-driven decisions, ensuring the ventures he is involved in remain on a path to success.

He possesses a holistic approach to development, focusing not only on business progress but also on the personal and professional growth of individuals and the companies he works with. His leadership skills and dedication to all-round development, encompassing his business, people, and companies, contribute to creating a positive and thriving work environment.


Kyrgyz National University, Kyrgyz-American Faculty, and Internet
Master's in Computer Science and Engineering


  • transportation Transportation
  • Digital transformation Digital transformation
  • Blockchain and Crypto Blockchain and Crypto

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