At the Design stage, We develop a detailed design plan to show the solution functionality.

The goal of the design development stage is to come up with one or multiple designs that can be used to reach the desired goals.

This step can generate various outputs, such as storyboards, site trees, flow charts, prototypes, HTML screen designs and etc.

We aim to create a design that guides your users through your platform, website, or app effortlessly and pleasantly. For us, it is imperative to follow specific steps in designing a perfect interface for your solution.

Design stage steps:

We collect project requirements

We start with identifying the project requirements: client and users’ expectations, their difficulties, and issues needed to be addressed.

We research the target audience

Knowing who your customers are is a crucial step in designing a great product. This step can help the designer pick the right elements such as color scheme, navigation, and typography. We research the target audience, analyze the collected data, and determine the design basics in connection with user and project requirements.


We start working on the product design

We start with the actual design by creating wireframes, a data flow diagram, technical design, and user interface.

We create a prototype

Further, we create a prototype or a draft with a good visual representation of the product. A prototype is a type of early version of software that shows a basic idea of how the product will look and work. It can be used to improve the product or even be rewritten to make it work better.


Having a well-designed prototype allow us move to Development stage.

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