At the Discovery stage, We perform a detailed requirements analysis and market research to find out how we can make your solution deliver expected results

During the discovery stage, we perform a detailed requirements analysis in close communication with the client. We learn everything about the business and the market requirements, and our specialists perform a detailed competitor analysis to find out how we can make your project deliver better results.

During the discovery stage, we prepare the following deliverables:


Commercial Proposal

We compose a Commercial Proposal for a limited scope. With a team lead and a project manager, we determine the requirements for the team that is going to work on the project, define the stack, set the deadline, and calculate the budget.


Scope of Work

In this deliverable, we determine the scope of work we are going to perform. Here, we include deliverables, milestones, a timeline, and reports.


Team Composition

We select the team for your project based on the business’ field, requirements, and every team member’s skills and expertise.



Here, we define and allocate project funding with the specification of the expenditures needed for every feature implementation.


Timeline & Milestones

We determine important milestones and attach them to specific dates on the timeline to give you a clearer idea about how the project is going to be worked on.


High-Level Project Architecture

Finally, we develop a high-level project architecture that will be used to develop the solution. We identify the main components of the product and their interfaces.

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Emir Sabyrkulov

Delivery Manager