At the Discovery stage, we perform a detailed requirements analysis and market research to deliver expected results.

The discovery phase is a process that involves gathering information about the project to better understand the scope, goals, and limitations of the project.

During the discovery stage, we perform a detailed requirements analysis in close communication with the client. So basically, the product discovery has two distinct parts that involves identifying the right products (exploration) and building the necessary infrastructure to support them (validation).

- this process involves various activities such as identifying potential issues, communicating with stakeholders, and evaluating existing products or services.

Validation - before the product is designed, validation is a set of activities that check the assumptions made during the exploratory stage. These activities are done with the help of data and customer feedback.

Having product discovery early in the development cycle helps the team select the right direction and vision. So product teams prioritize and build the best possible products.

We learn everything about the business and the market requirements, and our specialists perform a detailed competitor analysis to find out how we can make your project deliver better results.

Futher we move to design stage.

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Mamed Nuriev

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