At the Pre-Discovery Stage, We collect information about the project requirements and the client’s expectations and give a rough estimate of the project.

When a client approaches us, we get in touch with them to discuss the process and proceed with all required formalities.


We sign an NDA

We sign an NDA at the initial stage of collaboration. Our clients provide us with information about business processes, intellectual processes behind the existing systems and processes, product roadmaps, and in some cases, customer and financial data. This information is classified as sensitive, and it needs to be protected legally.


We collect general information about the project

We collect information about the project, its requirements, the client’s expectations, and give a rough estimate of the project to provide you with an idea about how the development process will proceed.


Discovery proposal

At the end of the pre-discovery stage, we prepare the Discovery Proposal.

Case Studies

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Emir Sabyrkulov

Delivery Manager