Software developers are among the top-paying professions in the world. Good software developers are scarce. That’s why they are pretty picky. To attract and retain a senior software developer, a company shall comply with a number of requirements and offer some perks that other companies don’t. 

But well, let us check first who is a senior software developer and how it differs from a junior and a middle developer.

Who is a senior developer

There are no standard criteria to determine the seniority level. We at Mad Devs assess the seniority level based on a combination of skills and experience. A specialist of such a level shall have excellent soft and hard skills that means:

  • Experience in building infrastructure for mid-size and big projects;
  • The ability to prioritize tasks from crucial to the least important or unnecessary;
  • The ability to communicate and think critically;
  • The ability to find the most optimal solutions;
  • Understanding of project needs and business expectations and the ability to plan the future of the product.

We create the needed conditions to attract and retain top-class specialists

At Mad Devs, we understand that it is impossible to work on some project without a senior developer in a team. We never under-appreciate the contribution that such specialists make to the project's success and to the company. That's why we create the needed conditions to attract senior developers to work in our company and retain them. 


We have clear requirements 

We believe that for any specialist, including a senior developer, it is essential to understand clearly what the company expects from them and what exactly skills and knowledge are needed in the position. 

That’s why at the recruitment stage, we make sure that our expectations and requirements are defined as clearly as possible. It helps us to attract the right specialists, especially if we speak about top-notch class specialists such as senior developers.

We offer work on interesting projects that bring value

We know that money is not the only motivation for a senior developer to choose one or another company to work for. We choose meaningful projects that bring value and have a long-lasting impact on the community. With us, specialists of such level can be sure that they will work on the projects in such fields as:

  • Content Streaming
  • Transportation
  • HealthTech
  • IoTs
  • E-Commerce
  • AdTech
  • E-Learning
  • FinTech
  • Serverless
  • BYOD
  • Blockchain
  • FoodTech

We work with projects that have a positive impact on society and solve important problems.


Senior developers can count on all necessary tools to do the job

While we work with the widest range of tools, we are open to suggestions. If a specialist believes that he needs a new tool to work more efficiently, we willingly consider the suggestion and purchase the required licenses. We know that providing our developers with the needed toolset is one of the prerequisites of project success.

Training and learning opportunities? We offer them!

We know that senior developers are top-class specialists. However, new tools and technologies appear almost every day. That's why we are glad when our specialists want to learn new things, and the company is ready to pay for any course or training session. All a specialist needs to do is to let us know, and send the link to the course. The company management considers the suggestion and provides full or partial financing for the course.

Top reasons for senior developers to start working for Mad Devs

We trust our specialists

Trust is one of the central values of our corporate culture. While we normally speak about trust with a client, trust to specialists is not less important. 

We believe that a senior developer can manage his time and the time of his team properly and prioritize the tasks correctly. Well, if we trust the person enough to hire him, it is logical to entrust him with the workflow, too. 

We sincerely believe that the best way to show our trust is to help the specialist to ensemble a team to work with and to get out of their way. While there are standard procedures in the company to follow, they serve to enable team members to cooperate efficiently rather than for control purposes.


Along with perks, we offer benefits

While it is common to believe that free meals and other perks are not needed to encourage people, we offer them. We believe that if a specialist stays the entire day in the office, they need a healthy and tasty meal, an opportunity to get some drinks of his preference from the fridge.

We know that even the most skilled and motivated specialist cannot work the entire day without breaks. Therefore, special places are available for a specialist to have rest, relax, and switch off from the task. We pay for trips out to motivate our specialists to change the environment and working conditions. 

Along with these and other perks, we offer real benefits such as competitive salaries. We don’t establish fixed amounts. We discuss individually the specialist’s expectations and experience and make decisions for every specific case. 

Along with a decent salary, our specialists can count on paid vacations, days off, a carefully developed wellness program, and all the benefits that come with an official employment contract. All in all, at Mad Devs, senior developers (and not only them!) can count not only on different perks but on fair working conditions and all the benefits that come with it.

Our senior developers have all growth opportunities

Here, we trust our specialists and create all the possible conditions for them to develop and grow. For some, growth means a managerial position. 

For others, it is acquiring new skills and knowledge. Such horizontal development is also welcomed and appreciated. We are glad to offer our specialists to try different domains. With it, we ensure that our specialists don’t lose motivation and are willing to try new things.

And some specialists have always dreamed of working on their own project. It is also possible, and it is what many senior developers would like to do. We discuss the project, allow the specialist to choose his team, and provide all the needed support.

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2. Who is a Mad Dev? Or People You Are Going to Work With

So, you are considering Mad Devs to work on a project. It is understandable that you want to know with whom you are going to work and why you can count on us. So, let us tell you more about us, Mad Developers and why our clients can count on us to deliver the project.We are a team. Each of our employees is amazing and unique. But we all work together to deliver top-notch products to our clients. That’s why each client can count on consistently good results whatever project we are working on. Our aim is to deliver value, and every specialist is responsible for this.A Mad Dev provides feedback on somebody’s work openly, without hints or hidden messages. At times, it is difficult, especially if the feedback is negative. But we know that it is the only way to grow and learn from mistakes.That’s why our clients can count on the top quality of every solution we develop. We don't try to hide the failures, but instead, we work on them to eliminate their consequences and deliver top-notch results.The clarity in communication helps us to be more efficient and trust each other. If a Mad Dev wants to assign a task to somebody, he does it. If somebody from our team sees a way to improve a process, they suggest an improvement. If one sees that somebody from colleagues is doing something wrong, they tell about it and offer help. It guarantees the compliance of our processes and tools with the most advanced requirements. For our customers, it means more efficiency of development processes and top-quality of every product.