We at Mad Devs believe that people can deliver the best performance when they are trusted and when they have an opportunity to grow professionally. That’s why our main aim is to create an appropriate environment to:

  • Provide our developers with the needed autonomy level. Our specialists can choose what technologies they will use for a specific product and determine deadlines. We control the processes but to a reasonable extent. 
  • Ensure our specialists know the purpose of their work. Our developers always know what impact a specific product or feature will have. 
  • Encourage our specialists to master their skills and acquire new knowledge. We believe that internal motivation is crucial for a specialist to grow. But we don’t mind adding external rewards for achievements. It is said frequently that it is a bad idea, but come on, nobody works for free.

Now, it is time to look at how we encourage our employees to grow professionally.

We encourage mentoring and coaching

It has already been mentioned that we encourage our specialists to master their skills. While many companies chase senior developers, we believe that hiring a junior developer is not bad at all. We know that with smart mentoring provided by more experienced colleagues, such a person will acquire the skills needed for the company. And, more importantly, such a specialist will absorb the values of the company. 

What does it mean for us? Yep, we get somebody who is loyal and devoted to us. This reason is good enough for considering inexperienced specialists for an open position. 

We make sure such specialists always get assistance when they need it. They can ask a more experienced colleague to help them, or they can take a training session or a course.


We promote training and learning

We invest in our employees. For now, the most common ways to motivate our specialists are the following:

  • Our employees are encouraged to take courses to improve their existing skills or acquire new knowledge. Whether it is in app development or any other field, if we see that the course is beneficial, we pay for it. 
  • We believe that a good example motivates. When an opportunity arises to invite an expert to talk to our team, share his knowledge, some success secrets, we never hesitate. Such meetings can be organized online, too. 
  • Conferences: we love it when our specialists participate in them. We welcome any initiative, and we pay for it. So, all the expenses connected with the participation in a conference are covered by the company. The time spent to prepare a speech or a presentation is paid for, too. 
  • What about writing? If our specialists want to share their ideas, knowledge, or achievements in our blog post or relevant media, they can do so. We reward them for every article.
Discover your professional growth opportunities at Mad Devs

Any idea can come true here

What if a team member has a unique idea and would like to implement it? Here, such an opportunity exists. If the idea is relevant, if it can be useful, the specialist is allowed to choose team members to work on his own project. 


Employees’ growth expectations are considered

People are different. Not everybody dreams about the role of a manager. We know it, and we do our best to consider the growth expectations of our specialists. So, we offer different options to grow professionally. For example, for a developer, it might be moving from the junior to the middle level, and then to the senior level. For some, the role of a team lead is the top. And for others, mastering their skills in the same position is the most suitable option. We consider the wishes of every employee and help them to plan their professional development accordingly.

More experience - more powers

The more a specialist knows, the more independent he or she is. While a junior developer has to consult on every single step, a senior developer works almost independently. With independence, more responsibilities come. But our specialists are okay with it. 

We use the most advanced technologies

Working with outdated tools is inefficient and boring. We at Mad Devs use the most advanced technologies and tools for custom software development. Our team members can be sure to avoid the frustration connected with the outdated tools and learn something new constantly.


We encourage innovation

We don’t limit our employees by their work activities only. Hackathons and similar events are welcomed to encourage developers to think out of the box and look for non-standard solutions. We believe it is a wonderful way to give them more autonomy and unveil their full potential in IT development.

We promote work-life balance

Constant stress, burnout, and tiredness don’t improve productivity. That’s why we stick to the ideas of a healthy work-life balance. Our specialists have days off and vacations. If they feel sick or overworked, they can talk to a manager to check together what we can do to solve the issue. We believe that any issue can be solved if we look for a solution together.

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2. Who is a Mad Man? Or People You Are Going to Work With

So, you are considering Mad Devs to work on a project. It is understandable that you want to know with whom you are going to work and why you can count on us. So, let us tell you more about us, Mad Developers and why our clients can count on us to deliver the project.We are a team. Each of our employees is amazing and unique. But we all work together to deliver top-notch products to our clients. That’s why each client can count on consistently good results whatever project we are working on. Our aim is to deliver value, and every specialist is responsible for this.A Mad Man provides feedback on somebody’s work openly, without hints or hidden messages. At times, it is difficult, especially if the feedback is negative. But we know that it is the only way to grow and learn from mistakes.That’s why our clients can count on the top quality of every solution we develop. We don't try to hide the failures, but instead, we work on them to eliminate their consequences and deliver top-notch results.The clarity in communication helps us to be more efficient and trust each other. If a Mad Man wants to assign a task to somebody, he does it. If somebody from our team sees a way to improve a process, they suggest an improvement. If one sees that somebody from colleagues is doing something wrong, they tell about it and offer help. It guarantees the compliance of our processes and tools with the most advanced requirements. For our customers, it means more efficiency of development processes and top-quality of every product.