So, you are considering Mad Devs to work on a project. It is understandable that you want to know with whom you are going to work and why you can count on us. So, let us tell you more about us, Mad Developers and why our clients can count on us to deliver the project.

Who are we?

We are a team. Each of our employees is amazing and unique. But we all work together to deliver top-notch products to our clients. That’s why each client can count on consistently good results whatever project we are working on. Our aim is to deliver value, and every specialist is responsible for this.

A Mad Man talks openly

A Mad Man provides feedback on somebody’s work openly, without hints or hidden messages. At times, it is difficult, especially if the feedback is negative. But we know that it is the only way to grow and learn from mistakes.

That’s why our clients can count on the top quality of every solution we develop. We don't try to hide the failures, but instead, we work on them to eliminate their consequences and deliver top-notch results.

A Mad Man communicates clearly

The clarity in communication helps us to be more efficient and trust each other. If a Mad Man wants to assign a task to somebody, he does it. If somebody from our team sees a way to improve a process, they suggest an improvement. If one sees that somebody from colleagues is doing something wrong, they tell about it and offer help. 

It guarantees the compliance of our processes and tools with the most advanced requirements. For our customers, it means more efficiency of development processes and top-quality of every product.


A Mad Man trusts other team members

We are a team, and we know that we can rely on each other. All problems are discussed openly, and we look for solutions together. If somebody feels that they don’t have the guts to tell other team members about a mistake they have made, for us, it means that our specialists don't feel safe, and we need to do something about it. 

We don’t have hidden issues. Even if we have to work more on a specific feature, we do it without sacrificing the feature’s quality. We never deliver a product that is faulty, has bugs, or which doesn’t work as expected. 


A Mad Man delivers value

A Mad Man works to deliver value to their clients. Mad Devs never code for the sake of code. They concentrate on the final result: the product that will make the world a better place. 

Our products deliver the best experience to users and bring profit to our client’s business.


A Mad Man takes responsibility for commitments

A Mad Man accesses the available capacities adequately and takes responsibility for commitments. If a specialist commits to complete a task within a specified time, he does it unless there is an emergency. The performance of other team members depends on it. 

So, our customers can be confident that a solution or a feature will be completed on time and with the needed quality.

A Mad Man helps other team members when possible

If somebody from our team needs help, we do our best to provide it. A Mad Man doesn’t, though, that somebody will be available upon the first request. Other colleagues have their tasks, and they have committed to complete them. 

It is a guarantee that every product will comply with all the requirements, whatever they are. We don’t look for excuses when something doesn’t work; we do all possible to prevent any issue. All the problems that arise are solved within the team, and the customer gets the result he counts on.


Work and life balance

People who don’t have rest cannot work productively and deliver the expected results consistently. That’s why we at Mad Devs work during the weekdays and have rest on weekends. If you want to work on the weekend, it is up to you, but don’t expect the same from your team. 

We have vacations. If you have planned your rest properly, nobody will bother you. So, make sure you have completed your tasks. If not, check with your colleagues and the client whether you can put your tasks off and complete them after the vacation. If you don’t do it, be ready to work on some urgent tasks during the vacation or at least to be solving the issues connected to them.

We do our best to forget (in a good sense, of course) about you if you are on vacation or during a weekend. But emergencies happen, and sometimes, your team might need your urgent assistance. We expect that you will be available to help.


Some words to wrap up

It all seems pretty reasonable, doesn’t it? It is not an exhaustive list of requirements and expectations, but they are the basis for working in a team. By following these guidelines and requirements, we manage to bring value to every project we work on. Our customers know that they can count on predictable results within the agreed timeframe. 

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