After the application is rolled out, we provide post-release support and maintenance.

Once the mobile app is released, our cooperation with the customer doesn't stop there. We carry on supporting the product and providing all sorts of assistance.  

Mobile app support and maintenance activities at Mad Devs

Mad Devs offers mobile app support and maintenance services to sustain the relevance and value of your product on the market. Within the services, we provide consultations, fix bugs, add new features, maintain code, and update the application to meet user and market demands all the time. Whether you need to scale your Android or iOS mobile app, integrate a new service, or improve UI/UX design, we can offer a suitable solution to increase customer loyalty and boost your ROI. Our mobile app support and maintenance services embrace a wide array of activities. Here are some of them. 

We improve the app’s performance through constant bug fixing 

Mad Devs permanently improves the performance of the app, even after it was released to the market. No software is perfect, and mobile applications are no exception. The app can be continuously tested throughout the development process, yet there is still a probability that it might have some defects, errors, mistakes, or bugs, at least minor ones. We track bugs and other flaws and fix them immediately to optimize your mobile app for best performance. 

improve the app’s performance through constant bug fixing 

We implement changes based on end-user feedback

After your app goes live, the end-users will start sending their feedback, in which they might request changes or improvements. We at Mad Devs instantly respond to the feedback by making the necessary changes to ensure top user experience and complete customer satisfaction. Following the end-users’ requests, we enhance the app’s functionality by either adding new features or tweaking the existing ones. 

We offer regular updates for Android and iOS apps

We provide upgrades so that your mobile application could stay on top of technology advancement. The Mad Devs experts update all components of an Android or iOS app, including its frameworks, libraries, and third-party integrations. The upgraded app will support the latest version of the operating system and the mobile device. By regularly updating your mobile solution, we help you bring value to the end-users, increase conversion rates, and grow your ROI.

offer regular updates for Android and iOS apps

We keep your app’s user interface up-to-date

Times change and so do the user behaviour and design trends. The UI elements, such as menus, buttons, and icons, that were relevant 10 or even 5 years ago, may look obsolete today. Keeping the UI design fresh and trendy is of utmost importance for a mobile app’s viability. At Mad Devs, we consider the latest trends and tech advances while updating your app’s user interface. This allows you to engage and retain users, maintain your brand, and stand out from the competition.

After the mobile app’s release, Mad Devs keeps on collaborating with the customer by providing support and maintenance services. We track and eliminate bugs for efficient performance and provide regular updates making your app valuable for the consumers. We scrutinize the end-users’ feedback and analyze the market trends to improve the functionality and UI design of your mobile solution. Being properly and regularly maintained, your app will attract and retain users and thus enable you to remain competitive in the market.    

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