QA and Testing is an ongoing process in every stage of the development process, we perform software auditing to ensure the product’s compliance with your expectations.

We perform software testing & QA at every stage of the development process to assess the software’s functionality, to determine what is needed to improve business efficiency, and to ensure regulatory compliance.


We test the quality of the product

We apply covering code with integration, unit & acceptance, and load tests to maintain the high quality of end users’ products.


We test the product for its compliance with requirements

We use test cases and checklists (high-level list of items to be checked and criteria to be met) to ensure product compliance with requirements.


We use boilerplates to facilitate the QA and testing processes

We have our boilerplate framework for E2E tests based on Selenium. For load testing of services, we use the Artillery framework.

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Emir Sabyrkulov

Delivery Manager