Automated Software Delivery Process

We deliver optimized solutions, thus reducing costs and attaining the needed scalability level

Our DevOps engineers automate software delivery processes to ensure the shortest time-to-market for new features and customer feedback loops.

Scale Your Business with Our DevOps Services

  • Infrastructure Technical Audit

    Infrastructure technical audit with Mad Devs helps to show a complete picture of how a customer’s product operates and what processes require optimisation. We use the most advanced tools and technologies with proven efficiency and security levels. After the audit is completed, a customer receives a detailed report with indicated risks, issues, recommendations and specific measures to improve the IT infrastructure.

  • Cloud Consulting and Management

    Mad Devs helps companies transform their IT environment using the best cloud computing services. Our experts deliver high-quality, reliable cloud computing consulting and management services to enable companies to reduce IT requirements, improve productivity, lower expenses and shorten the time-to-market.

  • Cloud Migration (On-Site and Off-Site)

    Mad Devs plans and executes cloud migration projects by considering the client’s specific business needs. We help our clients determine their cloud readiness and implement their cloud strategy via a well-structured, cost-efficient, risk-mitigated approach for full-stack cloud infrastructure migration.

  • Serverless Infrastructure Adoption

    Mad Devs assists companies in serverless infrastructure adoption in order to focus on development and deployment by eliminating the need for infrastructure management. With the load increase, the serverless infrastructure can scale with no operational effort.

  • Cloud Consulting and Management

    Mad Devs helps businesses transform the way their teams manage their infrastructure by implementing an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach. We help companies integrate IaC into their automated pipelines in order to transition from their traditional infrastructure, created by click-ops, to a modern, fully-capable IaC managed infrastructure; thus, minimising cost and mitigating security risks.

Our DevOps Implementation Process

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Initial Analysis

We perform an initial assessment of your development processes and IT infrastructure to determine the problems.

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Solution Proposal and Presentation

Once the challenges are identified, we develop and suggest the right solutions to solve the detected issues preventing the delivery of value to the clients and estimate the cost of implementation.

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We implement the developed solutions by continuously collecting feedback and adjusting the procedures. We simultaneously perform onboarding and consultations for teams to acquaint them with the solutions and modified processes.



DevOps implementation is a continuous process. That’s why we provide ongoing support until your software-delivery processes work perfectly.

Stack We Love to Use

Ansible Ansible
Terraform Terraform
CloudFormation CloudFormation
Jenkins Jenkins
Bamboo Bamboo
GitlabCI GitlabCI
TravisCI TravisCI
CircleCI CircleCI
Sentry Sentry
CloudWatch CloudWatch
Prometheus Prometheus
Kubernetes Kubernetes
Helm Helm
Istio Istio
TeamCity TeamCity
Azure Azure
Yandex.Cloud Yandex.Cloud
Grafana Grafana
DataDog DataDog
Docker Docker
Digital Ocean Digital Ocean
Serverless fra... Serverless fra...
ArgoCD ArgoCD
GitHub Actions GitHub Actions
Google Cl.. Google Cl..

Benefits of Working with Our DevOps

  • Faster product delivery

    CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery) allows you to deliver a product faster without compromising software quality. Continuous integration is added to achieve quality and delivery speed in continuum.

  • Greater availability and scalability

    Faster performance orientation, processes automation and continuous software releases enable enterprises to scale quickly and achieve high availability levels for business continuity.

  • More stable operating environments

    Automation is the foundation of DevOps practices. By automating environments (from the installation of operating systems to the configuration of servers on instances), we automate everything.

  • Better utilisation of resources

    With containerisation, our clients only pay for resources they use. Automation allows continuous delivery without wasting time and skills. It all leads to the optimisation of digital consumption and, as a result, expenses.

  • Better visibility into system outcomes

    Through the creation of digital workspaces, utilisation of automated reporting tools that pull real-time data to generate reports, and continuous integration and delivery, we achieve complete visibility of the software development lifecycle and create a more effective feedback loop to detect and fix issues at the early stages.

  • Better alignment of resources

    DevOps is a culture. DevOps processes can be handled by any team member, whether a tester, developer or admin. However, due to the variety of tools and approaches, the choice of an optimal solution may be challenging. When you work with our DevOps engineers, you free your resources and obtain the most optimal solutions for your business.

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