We remit documentation on all the project stages on constant basis. 

To provide you with an extensive and transparent overview of all the processes, we create and deliver thorough documentation on requirements, meetings, and other management processes along with documentation created by developers.

System documentation

System documentation is a type of information that describes the system's current state and provides useful details about its future updates. System documentation typically includes various components such as the source code, testing documentation, and API documentation. We provide a comprehensive description of the system's capabilities and requirements.


Reasons for system documentation:

  • To narrow down the communication gaps among users, designers, and management.
  • To present progress in the development of the product in detail and monitor it.
  • To make system modification and implementation easier.
  • To make conversion of a system to use in future in case of migration from one machine to another.
  • To provide transparency and collect all the necessary information to develop a training program for operators and users.

User documentation

The user documentation section of software or a system is usually focused on explaining how to use the system properly. It provides useful tips and tricks for optimizing the system's performance. It can also explain how to customize the software to meet the needs of the individual users. We prepare manuals aimed at end-users of the product. Those can be user guides, troubleshooting manuals, tutorials, installation manuals.


Why it is important to have user documentation?

  • Make easy onboarding for new users.
  • Reduce customer support costs.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Provide adequate warnings against incorrect ways to use your products.

Process documentation

A process documentation help align the goals of the team and provide a detailed description of the steps involved in completing tasks. We deliver all the documents that describe the development process such as a project plan, test schedules, reports, meetings notes, among others.


Process documentation benefits:

  • Prevents errors and delays by proactively outlining each step of the process.
  • Organizes effective workflow without disorganized and frequent meetings and communications, repetitive and unuseful tasks, prevent burnouts.
  • Streamlines resource allocation.
  • Speed up the project progress.

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