We assist in serverless infrastructure adoption with no operational effort.

Serverless is the concept of building and running applications without having to configure the back end. Within the framework of this concept, the application is broken down into functions, which are placed in the cloud platform and executed there, scaled, and paid depending on the current load.

The benefits of serverless infrastructure will be most appreciated by companies that have to deal with unstable patterns of traffic consumption. With serverless infrastructure, server capacity will not stand idle while waiting for spikes in activity.

Characteristics of Serverless Computing

Why do you need serverless infrastructure:

Achieve high availability and limitless scalability

Depending on user traffic, functions scale horizontally and elastically. With the load increase, the serverless infrastructure can scale with no operational effort.

Eliminate the need for
infrastructure management

Focus on deployment and development instead of spending time on infrastructure management.

infrastructure management

No idle time costs

Cut costs of your project with DevOps engineers in Mad Devs. Pay only for the function execution duration and the number of functions execution.

Then you can meet the next solution offered by our DevOps - Infrastructure as Code.

Scale up your business
with DevOps

Automate your software delivery process
for continuous improvement

Marat Bediev

Marat Bediev

Senior DevOps Engineer

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