We adapt testing procedures to the agile environment.

Testing procedures are time consuming. There are several stages before the delivery point: 


That is reason we develop a system that will speed up and facilitate all stages.

We have increased the share of exploratory testing

In Agile, the share of exploratory testing compared to test cases increases that allows adapting to the smallest changes in requirements. 

We use checklists to speed up the process

 Along with test cases, we use checklists (high-level lists of items to be checked and criteria to be met) to ensure products comply with requirements.

We have optimized regression testing

In Agile, full regression testing requires much more time and resources. However, the number of regression tests increases. To optimize regression testing, we combine partial and full regression testing by prioritizing testing activities based on the defects’ risk levels.

 We rely on test automation

Testing is done in parallel to development. Therefore, automation becomes critical. This is why we write unit and integration tests and automate test cases that do not change much with each iteration to reduce testing time and increase the software testing quality. 

Testing strategy is the key to keep up with rapid development cycles and CD\CI .

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Vladimir Pan

Vladimir Pan

QA Engineer