We opt for a team, tech stack, and tools based on project requirements.

Mad Devs pays special attention to the needs of each particular project when selecting the tools and resources for its implementation.

Why use an individual approach 

Customers can have certain product requirements that arise from their budget, target audience, industry specifics, and some other factors. For this reason, we choose an individual approach to meet every client’s needs and wants. Based on the project requirements, we select relevant tech stacks, frameworks, architecture, and specialists.

Tech stack

A tech stack is a set of technologies, such as programming languages and other tools, used to deliver a product. The frontend tech stack provides user interaction with the product.  

Tech stack

How we choose a tech stack

When choosing a tech stack, we rely on the application’s type and intended purpose as well as the client’s business needs and plans for the future. Thus, we consider who will use the app and how frequently they will do it, what level of security the app will need, and whether it will need to scale with time. 


A framework serves as a platform for building an application. It can provide a structure, components, and basic functionality. Frontend frameworks offer a variety of libraries for creating UX/UI designs.  


How we select frameworks

Our frontend developers give attention to the flexibility, customizability, scalability, performance, and other aspects of the framework. Also, we make sure the technology we use is widely accepted and future-proof. Choosing the right framework is necessary for effortless and efficient product development.


Frontend architecture is the arrangement of software components on the client-side. The architecture comprises multiple layers handling different aspects of an application.


How we decide on the architecture

We select the optimal architecture for a client’s app to ensure it is well-structured, and all its components are properly arranged and smoothly interact with one another. By building reusable UI components, the Mad Devs developers facilitate the scalability and maintainability of frontend architectures. 


Frontend developers use a wide array of technologies and tools for web and mobile application development. When cooperating with designers, they create beautiful and intuitive UX/UI designs.

Frontend development

How we choose specialists

Choosing a specialist for a project is always a team effort at Mad Devs. We collaborate with the HR (Human Resources) department and managers to make certain we select the most suitable specialists based on their technical expertise and domain knowledge. After the choices are made, we assign project roles and responsibilities.

Once we know who will develop the project and what tech stack, frameworks, and tools will be used, it’s time to move forward with the project. To aid the development process and accelerate a product launch, Mad Devs applies boilerplates, logging and alerting tools, and continuous testing.

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