During the research we dig deep into your business needs to yield great results.

The research phase can be an essential step in the frontend development process and here is why.

Why you might need the research phase

A product idea might be the only thing a customer has at the start of the project, so it would be unreasonable to get straight to development. First of all, it’s necessary to make sure the idea is viable. Moreover, research might be needed for the following reasons:

  • Prove the idea’s feasibility
  • Evaluate costs and profits
  • Assess all possible risks
  • Analyze the target market and audience
  • Define the scope of the project
  • Identify the resources needed
  • Select suitable tools and technologies

The steps we take at the research stage

When carrying out research for a client, Mad Devs sticks to the following plan:  

We sign an NDA

We deal with highly confidential information, such as business and intellectual processes, financial and user data as well as other client information. To ensure the data is legally protected, we sign an NDA at the initial stage of collaboration.


We gather project information

We scrutinize the information to complete your project as expected. The Mad Devs team investigates business requirements and expectations, analyzes the target audience and user behaviour to deliver a smooth-running project with a top-notch user experience. Our frontend developers work closely with designers to understand what the UI should look like. 

We thoroughly analyze requirements

Mad Devs stays in close cooperation with the client to perform a thorough analysis of the requirements set by the legal environment and the market. This helps us to find out how we can implement a project with the best possible results.


When the research stage might be skipped

The research stage can be skipped if the backend provides enough information about the product. We can check the backend code and create the frontend without additional time and effort spent on the research.

After the research is completed, the frontend team knows all ins and outs of the project, including its scope, target audience, profits, and risks. Keeping this information in mind, the team starts building the first wireframe and prototype.

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