QA and testing help us to maintain consistent quality of every product.

Without a doubt, speed is an important factor in the product delivery process, but it makes no sense if the quality of the released product is poor.

How to ensure product quality

Writing high-quality code is the top priority of the Mad Devs team. For this purpose, we verify your software by performing regular tests, QA, and other testing procedures, such as code reviews and software audits. Our aim is to identify any possible errors and correct them in a prompt manner, saving you time and money in the long run.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance or QA is a set of procedures adopted by development companies to ensure the quality of the software products they create.

Quality Assurance

QA processes at Mad Devs

Our QA engineers use code quality metrics to measure the key aspects of your code, such as clarity, efficiency, reliability, maintainability, and others. Mad Devs extensively uses the CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery) pipeline to test and improve software instantly. To keep your code consistent, we run unit and acceptance, integration, and load tests.

Code review

Code review is the procedure of reviewing code against bugs and any other errors performed by peer programmers with relevant expertise.


Why we perform code reviews

The Mad Devs frontend team carries out regular code reviews to identify errors early in the development process and thus avoid code issues in the future. Our developers execute both manual and automated reviews to achieve better results and improve code performance. During code review, we also check the compliance of the project with the necessary requirements and update code documentation.

Software audit

A software audit is a deep analysis of a product that helps to identify weak points and make product improvements.

Software audit

Why we conduct software audits

We can carry out software audits to delve into a new project, inspect the product we are currently developing, or examine our internal processes. Within an audit, we can deeply investigate a project’s code, infrastructure, architecture, and processes. Mad Devs conducts audits to improve the product’s quality, highlight risks, and prevent problems before they occur.

Our primary goal is to provide our customers with bug-free, production-ready software. To achieve this, we pay particular heed to testing procedures that we perform within our QA, code review, software audit, and other regular chekup activities.

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