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The cloud computing provider manages the entire operation of the infrastructure. So, the cloud allows you to get all the resources you need without having to spend large amounts of money on hardware and support. It eliminates the need for expensive hardware and software updates each year. It also allows you to plan for the exact resources that you need to get started.

Features of Cloud Computing

There 3 main cloud service providers:

IaaS is a solution for deploying systems and applications from scratch, so this solution will be of interest to corporate clients.

PaaS provides cloud resources and a set of development tools. A pre-configured platform is a convenient solution if a company needs to solve a specific problem and the provider has all the necessary tools.

SaaS is a turnkey product that is developed, hosted, and maintained by a provider. The customers of such solutions are private users and corporate clients. Within the SaaS model, both messengers and CRM systems are provided.

Cloud computing

The choice of a service model is a question of how well these add-ons meet the company's objectives. And our DevOps engineers will help you to define the right one.

Cloud computing with Mad Devs:

Improve your operational efficiency

We enable companies to create stable operating environments and automate repetitive tasks. We help you to make use of cloud technologies to integrate your development and operations teams.

Boost the quality and robustness of your solution

Our services allow you to lower the failure rate and shorten lead time. We help you to create an environment that nurtures growth and flexibility.

Cloud computing

Reduce business risks

We make your solution respond faster to feedback which results in quicker deployments and a great customer experience.

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