We develop usable and eye-catching designs for iOS and Android app that exceed user expectations.

Mad Devs creates positive user experiences to enhance the interactivity and usability of your iOS and Android apps. To optimize the design process, we employ a variety of tools and approaches. 

iOS & Android design

How we develop strong iOS & Android app designs

Mad Devs leverages ready-made components and style guides to reduce time to market. We also build interactive prototypes and make adaptive designs to deliver the product in full accordance with the customer expectations and platform requirements.  

We use components and style guides

At Mad Devs, we adopt UI/UX templates to create native mobile designs. There are pattern libraries that have large collections of pre-made components for both iOS and Android, among which are:

  • Menus
  • Buttons
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Badges
  • Icons
  • Notifications
  • Modals
  • Online forms

Such elements can be easily reused and updated in case the customer wants to tweak or scale the product. Using well-thought-out components for mobile app UI designs allows us to simplify your user experience and save you tons of time.

A style guide comprises rules and standards set to design a product. This is a detailed description that defines the imagery, typography, colours, and other elements of the future app.    

By using pattern libraries and style guides, we can quickly and easily onboard new team members in the project and draw up the app design layout in the shortest possible time. Also, we can maintain design consistency among various UI elements of the product as well as brand consistency across the entire product line. 

We design interactive prototypes

Prototyping is an indispensable step in the mobile app design process. Prototypes enable you to test whether the design and interoperability of your solution meet your requirements before you start investing in product development.


We at Mad Devs can build both low-fidelity and high fidelity prototypes at different development stages to gather feedback and choose the most suitable design solutions.

Interactive prototyping is crucial to making decisions at the final steps of the design process. It allows us to test the core functionality and features of the app and introduce the necessary changes before coding. As the name suggests, such prototypes enable people to interact with the product, so we test them with:

  • Customers to give insight into the future solution
  • Developers to fill them in on the project details
  • Early adopters to check the app’s usability
  • Stakeholders to get the design approved

We create adaptive designs 

Mad Devs makes your app’s layouts adaptive to provide a coherent user experience across all types of devices. Adaptive designs fully meet the needs of end-users allowing them to get customized content with faster page loading time. In addition, adaptive design is the best option when it comes to redesigning or scaling an existing solution.   

We combine design aesthetics with platform conventions to make your product available across different platforms and provide a smooth user experience without breaking the brand's consistency.

Mad Devs creates delightful experiences for iOS and Android app users. To maintain your brand consistency and develop UI/UX designs for your product promptly and efficiently, we apply style guides along with large collections of pre-made components. We build interactive prototypes to get helpful feedback and make timely adjustments. Finally, you get adaptive designs that meet the exact needs of your users. 

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