Every good project is like a little grain. And it grows into something that is of great value to both the customer and the company that provides the service. In the case of a client, this is an unconditional growth, for example, in monetary terms or in a reputation context. In the case of the project executors, this is a great opportunity to demonstrate their professional competence and, most importantly, to make a good impression and get positive feedback. Clutch introduced a new year-in-review feature, where we were greeted by a picture with excellent performance.


We took the opportunity to study how our post-project efforts. We were met with a lot of good data on how we did in 2021:


 But there was one thing that stood out to us the most.


This is the general quote that the year-in-review feature highlighted for us. It’s short but plainly puts all the things we focus on when we go into a project. Give our clients the sound foundation and tools they need to start from and grow through our technical expertise.

Why it is important for us? Reviews with comments like this allowed us to be featured on a list of top software development companies in the UK on Clutch over and over again. These reviews are putting us in a great position in the industry because of the positive word of mouth they spread to our potential clients.

However, the last Rubicon has yet to pass. This is only one of the stages on the way of development of our company. In 2022, we intend to provide an even better service. And the collected data in the new year-in-review will help us with this. More to come for you and for us!

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