Everyone was surprised at how quickly and dynamically products could be developed and updated at the beginning of agile development. Despite the fact that the terms were enormous and stretched for months and years, according to modern standards. The products even had a chance to be relevant by the release time. Developers could finish features, admins might wait for hardware for a month, testers manually tested everything many times, etc.

Now you outsource development. Despite the fact your product has not been released, it’s already outdated. Moreover, you have not even prepared a hosting platform until your product was outdated. You have not finished any feature, you have not tried it yourself. Of course, the issue can be made of cardboard. You can always use ‘ngrock’ and run a demo with it or maybe use Heroku for the MVP. In addition, how to show it and conduct an audit, if your product is under HIPAA compliance or PCI DSS? Also, don’t forget about scalability and high availability, failover, and continuous delivery, and everything else. As a result, we need ops, sysops develops or infrastructure architects. To be more precise we need their skills.

But don’t worry! Everything I’ve written above is not about you. You have already foreseen this. You have already raised your own development. Probably, they are overloaded. They have hundreds and hundred of tasks. They don’t grow, or maybe simply don’t want to grow or can’t find a starting point to grow. As a result, you need more DevOps engineers. But what are you going to do, when you don’t need such a big team of DevOps engineers? Usually, you need DevOps engineers as part-time workers, or you need several people with different skills at a time for a short period of time. HR and Recruit dpt are in shock.

Admins were in a similar shock before the Cloud era too. They had to plan for a long time ahead and juggle with redundant computing resources. Now everything is simple, because of clouds, and auto-scaling, and elasticity. You create an elastic infrastructure that uses exactly as many resources as are required now. Is it possible with admins?


We have been developing our Ops department at MadDevs. And we call ourselves MadOps. The department participates in all MD projects as a team. Customers wonder: “ It’s too many people. I need only 80 hours per month”. However, all questions disappear as the client receives a full expert evaluation of MadOps team. We provide optimal use of architect, senior and middle engineer’s hours. In case of emergency situations, all MadOps resources rush to solve the problem. Customers also do not need to think about idle hours, if ops don’t have any tasks. On the other hand, if there are duties in addition to project tasks, you don’t need to pay for staff. We provide paying for just one full-time DevOps engineer. You get the service of all MadOps team. We have at least one online MadOps engineer and no matter day or night is always online. Getting the context of every project is not a big issue, because all teammates use the same approach of implementing Ops.

Summary and takeaways

  1. You don’t need to find or to train DevOps engineers. It is not your problem anymore

  2. Also, you shouldn’t worry about the holidays and sick leave

  3. All MadOps team will be involved in the project. Strong teamwork knowledge base, documentation, and using “infrastructure as a code” methodology provide easy onboarding

  4. In case of incidents or urgent work, the required number of engineers are mobilized. This allows significantly accelerate the achievement of the result

  5. Resource Flexibility. We can reduce the workload

  6. Bus factor is minimal. We don’t have the only one point of failure

  7. All MadOps skills are used rationally and customers do not have to pay extra

What benefits are MadOps engineers get?

  1. Many interesting projects that cover various cases and allow our team members quickly increase their capabilities and gain new skills

  2. Our team members are not bored with one project, even the best and most interesting project in the whole world

  3. New projects, tasks, and challenges, and of course increasing income

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