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Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere, from tools for individual use to large-scale enterprise solutions, many business owners are looking to see how they can utilize AI in their specific industries to improve their operations.

For such business owners, staying up to date with the latest technology is crucial. Managers of smaller companies may wonder if these tools are only meant for large corporations. The answer is no. Businesses of any size can benefit from these existing tools to improve productivity, reduce costs, and streamline recruitment, which is the focus of this article.

AI recruiting software offers many benefits to companies, including automating your workflow to engage, screen, and assess candidates more effectively. After examining this and other benefits, we'll share the most popular tools in AI recruiting available today.

How is AI used in recruitment?

Very briefly, recruitment AI, like in other industries, automates routine and repetitive tasks in a company's hiring process, thereby freeing recruiters and HR managers to focus on more important responsibilities. This software helps companies make the process more efficient, improve the quality of their searches, and find the best candidates quickly. While these changes may result in the need for fewer recruiters and HR managers, they are not a replacement for humans. As with AI in any industry, its purpose is to assist people with routine and time-consuming tasks, so that specialists can focus their energy and talent on work that matters, such as communication with candidates, interviews, developing strategies for future searches, and working with current employees to boost skills and well-being.

AI tools also help human recruiters reduce the chance of bias-based decisions through data-informed conclusions. Additionally, the tools are flexible and provide plenty of opportunities to automate hiring processes and store organizational data. According to, 88% of companies globally use AI for HR and hiring.

Recruitment software benefits.

Here are some of the reasons why this number is so high and will likely grow:

Job posting

Finding the best candidates begins with a well-written vacancy announcement. AI-based tools can analyze successful job postings and then help create new texts that attract top candidates more effectively. Keywords and specific skill sets based on changes in the job market can also be identified using AI tools to ensure postings remain up-to-date.

Intelligent candidate screening

With a great posting, you may decide to post a vacancy on several platforms, including social media, to reach as many potential candidates as possible. As a result, hundreds of job seekers send in their resumes and other application materials. AI-integrated recruitment software turns the daunting task of filtering this mountain of applications into a streamlined screening process. With resume parsing, you can easily match candidates with your requirements and expectations.

AI-led interviews

Once a list of individuals has been identified, AI recruitment tools can be used to interview candidates for more efficient use of your human resources. Examples include chatbots for text-based interviews, phone calls with AI recruiters who ask questions and record answers, and video calls that candidates record themselves. Interviews with a chatbot or recorded video presentations may help reduce the stress some people experience during interviews with HR managers. They can also think more about their answers and self-presentation. After each interview, AI software will analyze the data to rank and score candidates and report on which individuals are ready for the next stage and human-led interviews. They can also be designed to provide immediate feedback to candidates on their interview performance.

Candidate rediscovery

Companies tend to keep the applications of unsuccessful candidates for future reference. Instead of manually reviewing the potentially large number of resumes in your database, AI tools can efficiently identify candidates based on your filters and requirements. Sometimes, this may allow you to find new employees without posting a new vacancy.

Data gathering and analysis

AI recruitment tools can help companies prepare for candidate searches by collecting data from within a company to identify the values and qualities candidates should have to be successful in their future roles. The added benefit is that these tools can help streamline internal candidate searches by analyzing how current employees perform to identify the most successful individuals based on a business's expected metrics. HR can then use this data to recommend promotions and ensure that top talent is valued and remains within the company.


What are the key features of AI recruitment software?

Advanced recruitment solutions help organizations find and hire top talent in the competitive talent war. Some of these advanced solutions for recruiters rely on AI tools. Here are some key features of recruitment tools powered by AI:

Resume parsing

Because sifting through resumes can be time-consuming, particularly when there are many applicants for a single role, it will be useful to provide resume parsing provided by AI tools, which allows recruiters to seamlessly extract key information from resumes, such as work experience, educational qualifications, and key skills relevant to the role.

It could cut down the hours of repetitive efforts and help identify potential red flags, such as employment gaps or inconsistent job titles, thereby accelerating the overall efficiency of the recruitment round.

Job posting

The output of a recruitment session is greatly accelerated when the job poster contains concise, clearly-defined content. By analyzing the language used in successful postings, AI-based tools can help create new postings that attract top candidates more effectively. Keywords and specific skill sets can also be identified using AI tools. Additionally, it allows recruiters to track changes in the job market and provide recommendations for updated postings.

ATS integration

By integrating an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with the software, recruiters can identify the most qualified candidates and flag applicants who may be a poor fit for the position.

On top of that, ATS integration can help the software assess a candidate’s cultural fit and the likelihood of success in the role, thereby increasing hiring credibility and accelerating candidate discovery.

Candidate sourcing

AI tools use analytics to identify potential candidates and provide data-driven insights into a candidate’s skills, experience, and fit for a role.

This allows recruiters to generate a list of qualified candidates quickly and also provides the ability to find “passive” candidates who may not be actively searching for new job opportunities.

Interview management

In terms of interview management, AI-powered tools help identify patterns in questions and answers, along with scoring and ranking candidates based on their answers.

Self-learning solutions can also provide real-time feedback to interviewers during the screening rounds. A constructive feedback system improves the quality of interviews and ultimately makes up for better hiring decisions.

How much can a company save by using AI in hiring?

The cost of hiring a new employee or training an existing employee for a new role varies depending on the nature of the position (remote or on-site), the company's size, the skills involved, and the approaches used. According to Indeed, the cost could range from $4,000 to $20,000 per person. Using AI can reduce the cost of finding and hiring new employees, as seen in the benefits mentioned above.

This software makes it possible to skip the traditional recruitment process through automated searches. Your HR specialists will spend less time manually searching for candidates and sorting resumes, and AI helps ensure higher-quality candidates reach the interview stage. Overall, the entire hiring process becomes more efficient. The speed at which you can provide candidates with an answer will increase, and your new hire will be on your team in a short period of time.

Below, we've listed some of the top AI recruitment software options available today. Depending on their needs and budget, there's a tool for any company or recruitment specialist. The key is to find the right balance of features and cost.

Time equals money.

Top AI recruiting tools in 2024

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a great option for small businesses, staffing agencies, and solo recruiters. It combines an ATS and CRM to streamline the candidate search and hiring processes.

Zoho logo

Key features

  • Integrates with job boards, social media, and background check platforms
  • Available in 26 languages
  • Automated email management and interview scheduling
  • Advanced Recruit Analytics with actionable insights


  • Allianz
  • Bosch
  • Deloitte
  • Thyssenkrupp
  • PWC


There are four types of plans available that are billed annually:

  • Free plan for 1 active job
  • Standard at €25/month per user for 100 active jobs and automated functions
  • Professional: €50/month per user for 250 active jobs and AI integrations
  • Enterprise: €75/month per user for 750 active jobs with more custom options


Manatal streamlines the hiring process by suggesting the best candidates for a particular position and eliminating redundant steps. Manatal's AI helps recruiters better evaluate potential candidates by identifying and integrating candidates' social media accounts across more than 20 social media sites. Advanced and unique features include AI-based candidate recommendations, candidate scoring, social media enrichment, powerful search functions, a career page builder, and more.

Manatal logo

Key features

  • Share job openings on 2,500+ free and premium channels
  • Manage all sponsored job advertising campaigns on one platform
  • Score candidates' profiles based on job requirements
  • Integration with social media for better matching recommendations


  • Microsoft
  • Toyota
  • Club Med
  • KPMG
  • Ogilvy


Manatal has three plans that are billed annually:

  • Professional: $15/user per month for up to 15 jobs per account and 10,000 candidates, and unlimited hiring managers
  • Enterprise: $35/user per month for unlimited jobs per account and unlimited candidates and hiring managers, along with automated features
  • Enterprise plus: $55/user per month for API access and beta features

Manatal also offers customer integration options on demand.


X0PA AI is a B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) platform powered by AI. This platform enhances people's decisions through predictive analytics on big data. It also automates routine tasks and provides predictive analytics and data-driven insights that increase productivity and efficiency.

X0PA AI logo

Key features

  • Automated communication tasks like emailing, scheduling, and interviewing
  • Self-service portal for candidates to upload resumes and receive recommendations
  • Assigns candidates to jobs according to their abilities
  • Candidate's performance predictions
  • Automated workflows


  • Swisscom
  • MiaMeraki
  • Microsoft
  • Globalization Partners
  • LinkedIn


There is no free trial and no free version. Prices vary with additional customization and specifications. A 1-year subscription will cost approximately USD 36,000.

A key feature distinguishing Paradox from the crowd is Olivia, an AI assistant who interacts with job candidates through text messages to ensure candidates' readiness. Moreover, employers can schedule interviews, screen candidates, and ensure a seamless hiring process. Employers and potential employees can communicate through a self-service portal.

Paradox logo

Key features

  • Real-time contact with support team 
  • Efficient communication between candidates and recruiters
  • AI chatbot Olivia that is programmed to respond to candidates more personally


  • McDonald's
  • Amazon
  • General Motors
  • FedEx
  • Pfizer


Paradox bases its prices on the individual challenges and needs of its clients. Schedule a demo call to discuss options with the team.


Part of the Sense group, Skillrate is built for intelligent hiring focused on creating a positive candidate experience. The platform provides data to make decisions that are less biased and driven by metrics.

Skillate logo

Key features

  • Deep learning to extract information from resumes 
  • Data-driven insights and analytics
  • Engaging AI-chatbot
  • Automated interview scheduling
  • AI assistant to write better job descriptions


  • Zycus
  • OLA
  • Capillary
  • Sony


Skillate offers flexible pricing depending on a client's preferences and challenges. Schedule a demo call to discuss options with the team.


A Talent Acquisition Suite with full functionality for recruiting and hiring and an all-in-one recruitment platform. SmartRecruiters aims to automate certain workflows and reduce friction in application processes. With this tool, you can eliminate tedious manual data entry and automate processes. Obtaining feedback from interviewers won't require chasing them down; all relevant information will be accessible in one place. This way, recruiters can focus more strategically on finding, engaging, and hiring the best talent.

SmartRecruiters logo

Key features

  • 250+ employees
  • 21 available languages
  • AI-based candidate matching
  • Applicant tracking
  • Automated screening assessments


  • Visa
  • Avery Dennison
  • LinkedIn
  • Colliers International
  • Skechers


Schedule a demo for pricing that matches your needs.


Teamtailor is the talent acquisition platform, the purpose of which is to attract candidates and convert them into employees.

Teamtailor logo

Key features

  • Recruitment features
  • Free and paid job boards
  • Email campaigns
  • Customized application forms
  • Communication by SMS and email
  • Interview self-scheduling


  • Porsche
  • Veoneer
  • Happy Socks
  • PonssePricing


You'll need to schedule a demo to receive a quote on the price.


An outbound AI recruitment platform that combines CRM, sourcing, analytics, and automation. It will learn from your searching and candidate interactions to find the best matches possible.

HireEz logo

Key features

  • Access to over 1 billion diverse candidate profiles
  • Quickly identifies top candidates from the ATS
  • Analyzes each candidate's interest level
  • Engage candidates with personalized and scheduled messages


  • Walmart
  • Northrupp Gruman
  • Okta
  • Lyft
  • Booking


You'll need to schedule a demo for a quote on the price.

Software developer recruitment platform. The main key feature is to match customers with verified freelance developers.

Lemon logo

Key features

  • All developers are tested and vetted
  • No additional interviews needed
  • Matches customers with the best developers available


  • Ulpan La-Inyan
  • IRG
  • SeeTree


On the site, you can choose one of two plans:

  • Startup plan $45 to $80 / hour
  • Custom pricing for the Add-a-CTO plan

What these tools can and can't do

Users appreciate the platforms mentioned above for their ease of use, robust support systems, and customization options. These instruments simplify the hiring process by automating tasks like resume screening and candidate matching, which saves the time of HR managers and recruiters and improves the overall efficiency of their departments. Additionally, users value the comprehensive support these platforms provide, ensuring smooth implementation and ongoing assistance. Customization features allow organizations to tailor workflows and criteria to their specific hiring needs, enhancing flexibility.

However, users often cite challenges such as steep learning curves, especially when adopting advanced AI features, and for users unfamiliar with these platforms. Users note that feature limitations and the complexity of integrating with existing websites and services are also drawbacks. Furthermore, concerns about the design and user interface, along with pricing structures that may not align with budgetary constraints, are factors that some users find less appealing.


How do I automate my recruitment process?

The tools listed above offer small and large businesses excellent opportunities to automate their recruitment and hiring process. Like with any new, cool AI tool, however, there are steps to take to ensure that a tool is a resource and not a headache. Overall, the key is identifying repetitive, time-consuming tasks in your hiring workflow and leveraging technology to automate them, freeing up recruiters to focus on more strategic, high-value activities. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

1. Audit your processes

This involves working with stakeholders to understand their pains. Ask your recruiters and HR managers (or yourself if this is you) about the challenges they experience in recruiting and hiring. What would they like to change? Then, you can ask about when they feel overloaded.

2. Gather feedback

If you don't already collect feedback from current employees on their hiring experience, now is a great time to start. You can discover what aspects of the process they liked and didn’t like. What would they change? If possible, you can also review any complaints or feedback from candidates who didn’t become employees.

3. Propose changes

Identify and clearly define what you want to change and how. Ensure that you have buy-in from your company's stakeholders, especially the recruiters and HR managers who will use new tools and workflows. Sometimes, AI isn’t the best or only solution, so be open to any possible changes.

4. Find a tool

Use the list above or conduct your own research to find AI software that fits your budget and solves the specific problems you've identified.

Mad Devs and your AI

AI tools are already helping companies find the perfect candidate for a specific job opening, saving a great deal of time and money compared to traditional hiring approaches. AI's applications in recruitment will continue to expand as new capabilities are introduced.

Like other industries that have adopted AI today, the use of these tools in recruitment has been accompanied by energetic discussions. If not understood and used properly, AI recruitment software won't perform in the way you expect and could create problems with candidates and your current employees. This is why it's important to find machine learning and AI professionals to assist you with AI recruitment software.

Likewise, the instruments mentioned in this article may not offer recruiters and companies everything they need to find the perfect candidate or ensure streamlined onboarding and employee support. Luckily, it’s always possible to order a custom solution, and Mad Devs is ready to put our machine learning and AI experts to work for you. We'll consult you on your recruitment software needs and begin developing the best tool for your business based on your scale, goals, features, and budgets.


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