Backend Solutions for Business Growth

Ensure Your Business Growth with Our Robust Backend Solutions

With years of experience, deep knowledge of various tools and technologies, we build backend solutions that will allow you to scale up your business at the required speed.

Our Backend Development Process

  • Research page

    We start by researching the project and detecting its components, such as integrations, partners, etc. to identify the project’s needs, market demands and potential risks. Based on the information collected during the research phase, we create a diagram for major components of the project to ensure we will provide the correct functionality.

  • Stack Selection & Team Formation

    Based on the diagram for major components, we determine the core technologies that will be used. We decide on the infrastructure, tools, frameworks, and whether we start from monolithic architecture or microservices. At this stage, we assign the roles and responsibilities to our team members based on their skills and experience.

Tech Stack We Love to Use

Python Python
Go Go
Node.js Node.js
JavaScript JavaScript
TypeScript TypeScript
Ruby Ruby
C++ C++
  • Infrastructure Preparation

    We perform infrastructure preparations such as logging, monitoring, alerting, visibility for more effortless deployment and minimal maintenance.

Instruments We Work With

Redis Redis
Mongo Mongo
Sentry Sentry
Elastic APM Elastic APM
Loki Loki
Prometheus Prometheus
Gitlab CI Gitlab CI
Github Github
Bitbucket Bitbucket
Clickhouse Clickhouse
Postgres Postgres
  • Creation of foundation for development

    We write code for repositories, prepare documentation for developers with general project info, build CI/CD pipelines to automatically deliver code to working environments and develop style guides and project rules to ensure that the project will meet customer demands.

  • Active Development Stage

    We start working on writing code for your solution. Testing is carried out by both developers and QA specialists to ensure the code is bug-free.

  • Testing Stage

    Testing is performed continuously to find errors, bugs, gaps, or missing requirements compared to the actual requirements. We perform both manual and automated testing to deliver a product free from defects.

We Work with the Following Integrations for Backend

Stripe Stripe
Stripe Connect Stripe Connect
Twilio Twilio
Google APIs Google APIs
Simpletexting Simpletexting
Twilio sendgrid Twilio sendgrid
Sentry Sentry
Datadog Datadog
Firebase Firebase
Claudflare Stream Claudflare Stream
Metabase Metabase
Neo4j Neo4j
Flask Flask
Pytest Pytest
Airflow Airflow
Graphana Graphana
Sqlalchemy Sqlalchemy
Mapbox Mapbox
Google distance matrix Google distance matrix

Benefits of Working with Mad Devs Backend Developers

  • Agile methodology

    Along with constant delivery and live demos, we love consistent and dynamic communication with our clients. Due to being constantly updated about how you feel regarding one or another project aspect, we deliver the result you expect.

  • High scalability level

    Good backend is about flexibility. We create a clean and easy-to-manage backend that allows for a top scalability level to deliver extensibility in your business’ operations and meet constantly growing market demands.

  • No freelance resources

    We aim to deliver top-notch quality services on time. That’s why we have a team of hand-picked full-time backend developers who share the company’s values and have the required skills and knowledge.

  • Boilerplates application

    We use boilerplates to reduce the time and effort needed for coding. Instead of writing the same code section multiple times, we take a ready section, make (or not) slight modifications, and use it if a project allows.

  • Holistic approach

    Whether you need database programming, API programming and integration, Server scripting, or any other backend service, our holistic approach makes your backend solutions stand out.

  • Projects from zero and legacy projects

    Whether you want us to modernize your existing architecture or develop a robust, scalable, and secure solution from zero, we make sure the end product meets your expectations and ensures the needed level of business scalability.

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