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Definition of PPT framework

What is the people process and technology framework?

The People, Process, Technology (PPT) framework is a change management approach that encourages the three elements of people, process, and technology to work in harmony to achieve a business's goals. The framework assumes that any weaknesses or misalignment in these elements can bring about inefficiency and decrease productivity. The PPT framework helps companies view their processes holistically to develop better strategies that help them engage new challenges and manage risks.

People: Human capital within an organization that drives processes.

Process: The systematic approaches to operations.

Technology: The instruments and systems that support human work and processes.

How does the PPT framework work?

The PPT framework provides a map for implementing change within a company or organization. The first step is to receive buy-in from people of all company levels, especially those outside management. When they have been involved in the decision-making process, employees will feel appreciated and understand that their opinions matter. This will help the company establish long-term changes as opposed to short-term impacts.

Next, the processes will be examined. It may be that a company's existing frameworks are the source of the problem(s). A company's culture is also part of its processes and deserves equal attention. This connects back to the people in PPT. A company may have an excellent communication strategy for informing employees about changes, or it may not. Likewise, there may be a culture of continuous improvement that encourages people to seek training and development opportunities, or there may not be such a philosophy.

Finally, companies can look at their existing technology solutions and decide if they are being used to their full potential. Perhaps changes here could bring about positive results in the processes. On the other hand, it's possible that a company lacks the proper technology to facilitate the change it wants. Throughout the PPT framework, it's essential to maintain a balance between all three parts: people, process, and technology. Focusing too much on one or two at the cost of the third can result in excellent ideas and impractical implementation.

Is "people process technology" still useful?

Despite being developed in the middle of the 20th century, the PPT framework hasn't lost its role as a successful change management tool. However, changes in technology and culture have led to newer interpretations of the approach. Some experts suggest applying more detailed approaches to each of the three elements, depending on the changes a company wants to make. For example, ADKAR for people, Lean Six Sigma for processes, and Agile for technology. The role of data in everyday life is another thing to consider and how it fits in with these three elements or if it could become a fourth aspect to consider.

In any case, the PPT framework still remains relevant and has several use cases. For example, a company may want to reduce the amount of time employees spend on routine tasks. In this case, the PPT approach tells the company to follow these steps:

  • People: Identify how familiar employees are with processes and technology within the company for streamlining tasks. Are there any other blockers keeping them from working more efficiently?
  • Processes: Audit tasks' workflow to understand if inefficiencies keep employees from completing their tasks quickly. Do they need to wait excessively for approval, or do tasks sit around without movement for several days?
  • Technology: Does the current technology stack help employees work more efficiently, or is it a hindrance? Connect back to the people stage and understand how informed employees are of the tools they can use.

Key Takeaways

  • The People, Process, Technology (PPT) framework is a change management approach that encourages companies and organizations to align the three elements of people, process, and technology to achieve their goals.
  • In the PPT framework, people refer to the human capital within an organization that drives processes; process refers to the systematic approaches to operations; and technology refers to the instruments and systems that support human work and processes.
  • To use the PPT framework, a company should first approach the people to involve as many as possible in the decision-making process, then examine the processes to understand if there are any blockers, and then align the technology to reach the goals.
  • Changes in technology and culture have led to companies adopting detailed approaches to each of the elements within PPT while keeping this framework in mind as an overall map and guide for change management.

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