Working processes

Since we are working remotely we strongly believe in the transparency of work, pay special attention to communication and keep strict compliance to working processes

We design a technical team for you, manage it and closely communicate with you and inside the team.

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Using the best development practices, we take responsibility for the quality and stability of the product.

We solve the full range of IT services with different levels of customer involvement

Level of Trust and Increasing Customer Involvement

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  • Direct daily or weekly hiring of specialists
  • Advice from our experts
  • Independent audit and optimization
  • Software and Infrastructure Development
  • Full outsourced IT team, with a resource management system

Quick Project Start



Submit your project request or project idea to us



We will contact you to clarify your project requirements



We will provide our free non-binding bid or proposal for you


Assemble a team

We will assemble and prepare a team for your project

Getting started

Getting started

Familiarize with the team and organize the process

Technical Expertise


For frontend we use Javascript, and its frameworks React and Vue. We also use ES6 and make bundles with Webpack and Babel

Mobile development

We develop mobile applications for both iOS and Android. For the development of iOS Mad Devs uses Swift and Objective-C. Java and Kotlin - For Android

Project management

Planning and tasks monitoring is done with JIRA, main communication goes through Slack and calls via Hangouts, Zoom, Skype.


We use Python with Django and Flask frameworks for backend in most of the projects. Sometimes we code on PHP with Symfony and Yii. We use Go if the project is highload. Some tasks can not be solved without Javascript and Node.js. We also love Ruby and Rails.


Our DevOps engineers use Terraform, CloudFormation and Ansible. Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, Travis CI, Circle CI and AWS CodePipeline to set up CI/CD and guarantee the HA of the product. We have experience of setting up infrastructure in cloud services: AWS, Digital Ocean, Heroku, Azure and we operate with the following tools to collect application and system indicators: Sentry, Prometheus, Amazon CloudWatch, ELK.


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Сlient feedback

Besides their main job, our teams contribute to open source

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