We guarantee transparency of all our processes

We create and set up an environment for teams to communicate, including Slack Slack channels and task-tracking tools such as: Jira JIRA, Asana Asana, Basecamp BaseCamp, Trello Trello.

We are responsible for motivation, comfort and growth of the team which is working on a project. Be sure that our skills and knowledge are always relevant and correspond to modern trends in software development. You do not have to spend resources on the organization of working space. Only working hours developers spend on actual work are to be paid.

We take all the risks for organization of the working process, development and continuous delivery. That means, we look after each and every team member and make sure, that he or she is following the rules and processes described by us with respect to Agile or Scrum methodology.

Working process

We use task-tracking instruments which allow us to handle different tasks, meeting notes, project documentation. All the important project-related information is being stored in a digital form so it can be easily obtained and used.

Time tracking

Developers meticulously describe how many hours they spend on each and every task and what they do. This information is used in reports, thus our customers always know exactly for what they pay.


Hourly reports are used for analysis and resolving controversies. In addition to hourly reports, you will also receive progress reports which can be provided as frequently as needed.



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