Temp to hire allows businesses to safely expand the hiring geography and diversity with minimal onboarding and recruiting risks.

Optimal model for:

  • Businesses whose offshore development is hindered by legal restrictions and corporate rules.
  • Companies that face long and difficult employee recruitment and onboarding processes due to governmental and corporate regulations.
  • Organizations that want to safely expand the hiring geography and diversify their corporate culture.

Temp to hire interaction process

  • 1

    Define specialists’ competencies

    Our SWOT team collects the specialist requirements (hard and soft skills, expertise level) and information about the project (tasks to be performed, product features).

  • 2

    Approval and onboarding of specialists

    After an internal check, candidates have an additional interview with the customer.

    We onboard approved specialists to fit in the team. They work under the existing organizational processes and the customer’s direct supervision. At this stage, we aim to make the specialist a part of your team.

    Additionally, we offer consulting services for developing and integrating organizational and development processes.

  • 3

    Monitoring and improvement

    The specialist’s performance is monitored internally through regular sync-up meetings with our tech lead.

    Arrangements can be changed and added based on the customer’s and end users’ feedback.

    We help specialists adapt to your corporate culture and adopt high standards of professional conduct.

    Transparency is achieved by openly stating the specialist’s salary and our management fee.

  • 4


    The customer can formally hire the specialist after 6 to 12 months if they fit in the team.

  • Extras

    No flat rate. We fully transfer the specialist to your team.

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