Technical assessment & consulting equip business with unbiased expert assessment to solve technical issues and scaling your business.

Optimal model for:

  • Organizations looking for an unbiased expert assessment.
  • Businesses in need to effectively scale up their products.
  • Businesses in search of new product development directions.
  • Companies dealing with overwhelming tech issues and technical debt.
  • Organizations that have had several failed MVP launches.
  • Business owners that doubt their current teams’ competencies.
  • Companies facing disappointing performance and ruined relationships with the current IT contractor or in-house team.

Technical assessment & consulting interaction process

  • 1

    Define problems

    We start the assessment with several interviews with all project stakeholders to better understand the issues and then we suggest workarounds.

  • 2

    Conduct analysis and work plan

    Based on the identified issues and the customer’s requests, we decide whether our assessment should cover the complete product or only its critical components.

    Our complex assessment involves analysis code, infrastructure, organizational processes, including communications and knowledge management.

    We onboard a team of top-notch specialists with 10+ years of experience in the IT industry.

  • 3

    Offer recommendations

    At the final stage, the customer receives a 360-degree report on the current project state and recommendations for improvements.

  • Extras

    To ensure implementation of our recommendations and superior execution, we offer additional supervision services.

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