Hire a dedicated project-based team to meet all IT-related needs and bring your product idea to life.

Optimal model for:

  • Businesses that need to raise funds and quickly move to the next stage.
  • Companies that plan to reorganize their internal IT departments to optimize costs and performance.
  • Existing businesses that need teams with specific expertise to develop new products.
  • Companies that don’t have expertise in hiring and supervising big IT teams.

Dedicated project-based team interaction process

  • 1

    Product requirements

    Together with project stakeholders, our SWOT team prepares a product requirements document (PRD).

    We analyse the PRD and propose solutions and a team composition to deliver the project or one of its modules.

  • 2


    Jointly, we build a product roadmap and continuously adjust the vision and priorities during the project.

    We ensure compliance with all organizational processes and value-driven development.

  • 3

    Monitoring and evaluation

    Development teams don’t hide behind project managers, and we welcome customers to directly communicate with each team member.

    The entire development team communicates directly with the customer to effectively align with business goals and get actively involved in the product itself.

    Our managers internally monitor the whole team’s performance and ensure that it delivers the expected results.

    We provide detailed weekly and monthly reports and arrange demo calls on the completed work.

    To improve collaboration, our team can travel to your organization.

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Tony Fedorenko Head of Delivery