At the research stage, we identify business needs, market trends, and potential risks.

Normally, our backend development starts with the research. It helps us understand the needs of each particular client and choose the right strategy for the project. 


Key processes behind the research stage

At Mad Devs, we believe every project’s development must be preceded by thorough research. In this stage, the team signs an NDA, gathers project information, analyzes requirements, and defines milestones of the project. 

Signing an NDA

An NDA or non-disclosure agreement is a legal document that guarantees the confidentiality of the information shared between the parties. It protects clients from the leak of any secret and unique data related to their product and company.


Why we sign an NDA

Signing an NDA is indispensable at the beginning of cooperation with the Mad Devs team. Our customers share sensitive information, such as trade secrets, innovative technologies, marketing plans, and business processes behind the existing systems. By signing an NDA, we provide legal protection of the client’s information, preventing its leakage and misuse. 

Collecting project information

Once the NDA is signed, the client can furnish the team with business and technical details about the project, which is necessary to define its scope, understand the requirements, and map out the development plan.


Why we collect project information 

We always try to obtain as much information about the project as possible. By studying the technical requirements along with the client’s goals and expectations, we prepare a rough estimate of the project. Knowing it, the client has an idea about how long the development process will take, how much it will cost, and how we will proceed with the project. 

Analyzing project requirements

Requirements analysis is an important step in the research phase, which helps deliver the project in full accordance with the customer demands and user expectations. In-depth analysis can also aid in mitigating risks and staying within budget limits.


Why we perform requirements analysis

The Mad Devs team pursues certain goals within every project’s development. Thus, we seek to deliver the project on time and on budget, aligning with the highest quality standards and customer expectations. To achieve this, we perform a detailed requirements analysis by looking into the business needs, market trends, competitors’ products as well as project risks. 


Defining the project’s milestones

Milestones are landmarks that highlight the intermediary project results. They show how the project progresses, what is achieved, and what is to be completed. Milestones play a significant role in project planning and scheduling.


Why we set milestones

Breaking a project into milestones is part of the Mad Devs’ project management activities. This helps our development team stick to the project’s schedule, meet the deadlines, find and remove bottlenecks. We determine important milestones and attach them to specific dates on the timeline to give the client a clearer idea about how the project is going to be worked on.|

During the research phase, the Mad Devs specialists gather project information (which is kept confidential due to the signed NDA), deeply analyze requirements, and divide the project into milestones, each with specific tasks and timeframes. Then, we make further preparations and choose a tech stack, infrastructure, architecture, frameworks, and a team for the project.

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