ML Engineer Middle/Senior Level

We're seeking a mid-to senior-level Machine Learning Engineer to join our team in building a groundbreaking B2B product. This is your chance to apply your skills to a project with real-world impact.

The Problem: Companies spend a staggering $250 billion annually on litigation (in the US alone!). Yet, crucial decisions like "settle or litigate?" are made with outdated methods.

Our Solution: We're applying cutting-edge AI, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide companies with the insights they need to make smarter legal decisions.

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☑️ What will need to do:

- Build and implement machine learning algorithms
- Developing and implementing machine learning models in production
- Comparing multiple approaches to solve a business problem
- Participating in communications with customers to identify business problems and opportunities to solve them using machine learning tools
- Development of algorithms for recommendation/ranking systems

☑️ Our expectations:

- 2+ years of experience in startups/service companies
- Strong mathematical background
- Knowledge of basic ML algorithms and metrics
- Experience in bringing ML models to production and evaluating the business impact of implementation
- Proficient in developing and customizing machine learning models for various tasks, including classification, regression, clustering, and more
- Experience working towards NLP
- Proven ability to conduct client negotiations and actively identify their needs and goals
- Experience in regularly conducting demos for clients, explaining technical aspects and achievements in an accessible manner
- Expertise in gathering and analyzing requirements, transforming business tasks into technical specifications
- A track record of establishing clear and achievable goals for machine learning tasks/projects
- Experience working with big data and systems for its processing
- Expertise in utilizing data analysis techniques to uncover insights and patterns that can aid in solving business problems
- Experience with large language models for named entity parsing and unstructured information processing
- B2 English level

☑️ It will be a plus:

- Experience in application of hyperparameter optimization techniques to improve model performance
- Experience in monitoring production models and implementing processes for automatic model correction based on new data
- Experience with classic ML and DL (training projects/competitions)
- Experience with Databrix will be a great advantage
- Experience with Code Review

☑️ Requirements:

- Python
- SQL, PostgreSQL.
- Spark  (basic level of knowledge)
- Pandas
- FastAPI
- Sklearn
- PyTorch, Transformers
- Git, BitBucket, CI / CD, conflict resolution
- Docker
- OpenAI API

☑️ What do we offer:

- Make a real impact on how companies navigate legal challenges
- Help organizations save billions with data-driven legal decisions
- Be part of a cutting-edge project that uses AI to revolutionize a legal industry
- Flexible working hours
- Remote-first culture
- Onsite business trips

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