We integrate QA processes into the development cycle to ensure the consistency of all procedures.

Quality assurance plays a crucial role in every stage of the software development life cycle. QA specialists create and implement various strategies for software quality improvement.

Why do you need QA processes in the development cycle?

  • Saves your money and reputation.
  • Prevents Emergency Situations.
  • Increases Customer Loyalty.
  • Makes Your Software More Secure.

We integrate QA processes into the development cycle

The QA workloads are distributed throughout a sprint to enable teams to identify issues during the development cycle rather than at the end of it. This approach enables our team to resolve issues immediately and ensure better product quality.

QA process

We use the same stack for coding and automation as the development team does

Using the same coding and automation stack as the development team allows for more interaction and blurs the line between the departments. It creates a steady balance, and the entire team can focus on the business value of the product.

Communication is critical for a successful QA process

In some companies, the entire responsibility for the code lies on developers. It is believed that developers write the code, and they have to test it. In our team, there are no “us” and “them”, developers and QA engineers. Everybody works in a team to deliver a quality product.

QA process

We communicate with multiple departments company-wide when the product is tested and changes shall be made to update test plans and formulate correct questions about the end state of a feature or a product.

All of this allow us to create a robust testing environment.

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Vladimir Pan

Vladimir Pan

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