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Mobile Apps Tailored to Your Needs

Get intuitive, fast, and secure mobile applications for the best user experience.

By leveraging advanced technologies, next-generation algorithms, and our experience, we create apps tailored to your business’s needs.

What We Develop

  • iOS App Development

    A pool of Mad Devs’s skilled developers works with the most popular wireframes and networks to satisfy all your users’ requirements by preserving stability and speed.

  • Android App Development

    Our Android app developers know how to create safe, fast, reliable and functional apps fully integrated with the back-end software.

  • Cross-Platform App Development

    We create cross-platform apps that have a native look and satisfy users’ needs on all platforms at once to widen the audience and realise the greatest value.

Our Mobile App Development Process

  • Business Analysis

    Unit tests are written by developers to ensure that each software component (unit) is tested and functions as expected.

  • UX/UI Design

    Our developers write and perform UI tests during the entire software development cycle to ensure every software component that the user will come in contact with works properly.

  • Product Development

    We perform functional tests to ensure the software’s full compliance with functional requirements.

  • Testing

    We write regression tests to ensure that all functionalities of a solution work properly after changing code, fixing bugs, implementing new features and making other modifications.

  • Support and Maintenance

    We perform acceptance tests to check how the product can handle real-life scenarios.

Tech Stack We Love to Use

Kotlin Kotlin
Java Java
Swift Swift
Android Android
Objective-C Objective-C

Benefits of Working with Mad Devs Mobile Developers

  • Agile development

    We apply the best practices of Agile to optimize your time and investment at every step of development and enable fast and efficient delivery of a solution that fully meets your requirements while exceeding users’ expectations.

  • Reliability

    Statistics show that users spend at least four hours per day on their mobile devices, making reliability job one. Mad Devs’s solutions are distinguished by top reliability levels and smooth performance on any device and any OS.

  • Scalability

    Your business isn’t static; it grows and develops. That’s why Mad Devs build reliable and scalable applications. Even if the number of users and downloads skyrockets, you can maintain the top functionality of your mobile products while offering the ultimate user experience.

  • Security

    The Mad Devs team develops solutions that guarantee the safety of business and personal information, protect documentation confidentiality and ensure safe access authentication. Our mobile app development services include the delivery of advanced solutions, such as data encryption, malware protection, secure APIs and others.

  • User-Friendliness

    Efficient user outreach is one of the main challenges of any business. We create mobile applications that provide users with top functionality, maximum ease of navigation and reliability of operation. App usability is one of our main priorities.

  • Clear Communication

    Communication transparency is the foundation for collaboration based on trust and respect. We add you to our chats, invite you to meetings with the team and provide all required documentation to ensure that you have a clear vision of the project’s progress.

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