We run tests at all stages of the app development to instantly detect and eliminate bugs.

The best way to identify and solve any potential problems in the code is to conduct testing throughout the entire development process. This is true for mobile apps, too. 

Mad Devs’ approach to mobile app testing 

Testing is an integral part of every development process at Mad Devs. Depending on the project’s specifics, we perform a variety of tests intended to look at different aspects or features of the product. During our mobile app development workflow, we test the application’s user interface, user experience, functionality, performance, and other characteristics. We also test the app on various devices to make sure it runs smoothly regardless of the screen size and OS version. To achieve better results, Mad Devs combines manual and automated testing.     

We start running tests at the early stages of the mobile app development process to detect bugs and issues immediately and avoid their accumulation. First of all, we prepare the necessary documentation that comprises a test plan, test cases, and other documents describing the procedure and the expected results. After that, we begin testing various aspects of the mobile solution, among which are:

  • Functionality - We check whether the app is installed correctly and whether it performs all its functions as it should.
  • Performance - We examine the behaviour of the app when it is used by a varying number of users.
  • UI/UX testing - We verify design elements and make sure the app is easy to use and navigate.

Engaging QA to ensure the product quality

Our QA (quality assurance) specialists have the decisive word in approving the changes or rolling the deployed changes back to ensure the smoothness of the product’s functionality and operation. By following the proactive strategy, the Mad Devs QA department aims to avert issues and deliver bug-free applications to end-users. Finding and solving problems at an early stage of mobile app development can save plenty of time and money, including maintenance costs. Moreover, an application that works flawlessly can earn the trust and love of consumers and thus reach the top positions in app stores. Our QA testers use the CI/CD (continuous integration & continuous delivery) pipeline to automate testing and speed up app delivery. 

Engaging QA

Running tests on different devices

The target audience might use your mobile app on a broad range of devices having different parameters, such as screen sizes and resolutions. Mad Devs provides the seamless user experience and faultless operation of the application on any device type. By performing compatibility testing, we check the consistency of your mobile solution across various platforms and devices to ensure it looks, feels, and functions in the same manner. We test the app to verify if it is compatible with different:

  • Device types and configurations
  • Operating systems
  • Browsers
  • Wireless networks
  • Software programs

When building mobile applications, the Mad Devs team puts a strong focus on testing. We begin running tests in the early stages of development to detect issues and fix them in good time. We examine the app’s functionality, performance, and UI/UX design. We carry out compatibility testing to make certain the app runs successfully on any device. Our QA experts are actively engaged at every stage of the development process so that we could deliver high-quality products and fully meet user expectations. After the mobile app is launched, we continue collaborating with the client and provide post-release support and maintenance.    

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