We build wireframes and prototypes to ensure the app’s native design and smooth functionality.

Whether users will love your app depends on their experience with the product. And they certainly will if your app is great looking and easy to use. This can be achieved with the help of UI/UX design.   

Mobile user experience and how to design it smartly

UI or user interface enables users to interact with the app, while UX or user experience is a broader term, which embraces emotions, feelings, and impressions a user has about the app. Great UX can make your app exceptional, so Mad Devs devotes much attention to its design. Our team elaborates UI/UX components to create user-friendly mobile solutions with beautiful designs. We also make wireframes and prototypes to optimize the development process and meet the requirements of the clients, stakeholders, and target audience.


The role of mobile UI/UX design

As we mentioned above, UI/UX design can strongly affect the mobile app, namely its download and usage statistics. Your app can be feature-packed, however, it will hardly get to the top unless it is eye-catching and intuitive. Appealing, simple, and convenient mobile design can attract consumers and make your solution stand out from the competitors’ applications that offer the same functionality. When designed properly, the mobile app user interface and user experience can help your brand gain popularity and reach the target audience faster. By engaging, converting, and retaining users, well-thought-out UI/UX designs can boost your business growth.   

Creating wireframes

We begin our mobile UI/UX design process by preparing black-and-white sketches or wireframes of the future app. The Mad Devs designers create a screen-by-screen layout of how the content will be displayed. We focus on the app’s functionality and the workflow, define the hierarchy, and establish relationships between different components of the product. At Mad Devs, we believe that wireframing is a must-have for mobile app development. Wireframes can be presented to customers, stakeholders, investors, and developers, helping them visualize the future product, understand its purpose, and save time and money at the very beginning of the project.


Developing click-through prototypes

Despite all the advantages of wireframes, they can only demonstrate lifeless pages of a mobile application and do not allow people to interact with the product. Mad Devs develops click-through prototypes to provide a way to experience the previously created wireframes on mobile devices. Based on the style guide, we create UI components and add them to the clickable prototype. Thus, we make it possible to explore the look and feel of the app and see the product in action. A click-through prototype offers an excellent opportunity to test the app’s navigation, animations, and other dynamic elements. After the prototypes are tested, we can make the necessary changes to improve the user interface and experience of your future mobile solution.


Knowing the importance of UI/UX design for a mobile application, the Mad Devs designers team do their best to make your app look and feel amazing to its users. By creating wireframes, we bring the future mobile solution into focus helping you visualize your ideas. The clickable prototypes built by Mad Devs are high-fidelity versions of mobile applications that can be tested directly on smartphones.

After UI/UX design, we turn to the product development stage: we set up a backend technology and an API and build the frontend of the mobile application.   

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