We create a wireframe and a prototype to give you a sense of the final product.

Mad Devs keeps customers in the loop about every step of their project, providing them with a wireframe and a prototype.

Why wireframes and prototypes matter

Both a wireframe and a prototype are parts of the iterative process as they allow developers to tweak and improve the project while it’s still in the works. At Mad Devs, we set our sights on meeting customers’ requirements in full. To that end, we create wireframes and prototypes of their solutions.

What is a wireframe?

A wireframe is a schematic or simple graphical representation of a project. It is used in UX/UI design to show schematically how a future web page or app interface can look like.


Why use a wireframe?

Wireframes help frontend developers to get timely feedback from clients and meet their expectations early in the project. Thus, all major changes and improvements can be made before the design is complete, which saves time, money, and effort.  

How we create a wireframe

First, we discuss the future product with the client and collect all the requirements. Then, we create a wireframe to demonstrate how the product looks like, how it functions, and how users interact with it. Such a wireframe includes a page structure with the arrangement of interface elements, text, content, and navigation.   


What is a prototype?

A prototype is an early version of a final product. It is much more elaborate than a wireframe. A prototype has the core visual elements and functionality and gives a clear picture of the future solution. 


Why use a prototype?

Just like wireframes, prototypes ensure early feedback along with timely adjustments. In addition, a prototype can be presented to stakeholders, investors, and potential users. They can test it and give valuable recommendations before the solution goes to production.      

How we develop a prototype 

After the wireframes are ready, the Mad Devs frontend team creates visual components or mockups, which are also tested and tweaked accordingly. Finally, our engineers embody a client’s idea in a prototype. With it, we can test the functionality, usability, and other characteristics of the future product.

Building wireframes and prototypes is a great practice our frontend developers use to meet customer expectations. For the same purpose, we apply an individual approach for the selection of tech stack, frameworks, tools, and specialists for a project.         

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